Download e-Guide “Key Concerns Raised with Cloud Software - Addressed!”

e-Guide: “Key Concerns Raised with Cloud Software - Addressed!”

The popularity and market acceptance of Cloud-based software has skyrocketed in the last few years. Even the most sensitive applications are moving to the Cloud and industry experts predict that 5 years from now, legacy on-premise software will be virtually extinct.

Yet, many businesses still have these 4 key concerns:

  • Security: Is Cloud ERP More Secure Than On-Premise Software? (Spoiler alert: Yes, Cloud-based is more secure. Learn why!)
  • Access: How Compelling is “Anywhere, Anytime Access”?
  • Redundancy: Can Internal IT Departments Match AWS’ Redundancy?
  • Cost: Is Cloud ERP Really Cheaper?

Find out how Cloud ERP stacks up, and follow us as we dispel the myths that are holding businesses back from moving to the Cloud.

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