Distributor Pricing Options

Support for Complex Distributor Pricing Options that are Very Flexible and Easy to Maintain 

Support For Complex Distributor Pricing Options

Using complex distributor pricing options is critical to most distributors' profitability. What makes Accolent ERP so powerful is that the complex distributor pricing options offered are at the same time very flexible, easy to apply and easy to maintain. Using these complex distributor pricing options gives distributors all the tools and capabilities they need to maximize sales and margins. Complex distributor pricing options include: contracts, advertised pricing, special pricing, quantity breaks, matrix pricing and discounts by warehouse.


Contract Pricing

Create contracts for specific products or by product group, category, or sub-category. Assign any number of contracts to a specific customer or list of customers, and assign the specific priority in which the contracts will be applied. Contract pricing discounts include: percent discounts off list price, percent markups from standard cost, specific dollar amounts, specific quantity break levels and more. Expiration dates can be assigned to each item on a contract list.

Advertised Pricing

Advertised pricing for special promotions specifies the starting date and expiration date and pricing. Specify pricing as discounts off list price, markups from cost or as specific dollar prices. Allow advertised price to override contract pricing or to honor the contract price.

Special Pricing

Use special pricing on top of discounts other than contract and advertised pricing. As with contract pricing, special prices may be defined for specific products or for groups, categories or sub-categories of products and for specific customers or for shared list of customers.

Quantity Break Pricing

Define quantity break schedules to give standard percentage discounts off list price at specified break levels for specific products or groups, categories or sub-categories of products. Can also be assigned as specific dollar amounts for each quantity break level and can be assigned to specific customers or groups of customers. Also supports columnar pricing where quantities from different line items on the same order may be combined to give a cumulative discount quantity break.

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Discount by Price List (Matrix Pricing)

Create customer price lists specifying discounts off list, markups from cost or specific dollar amounts on particular products. Multiple customer price lists can be defined for various customer types and pricing profiles. Specific customers can then be assigned to specific pricing profiles depending on the customer type. Contracts can reference the pricing from the Pricing Matrix, so that all prices can be maintained in one place.

Discounts by Warehouse

Discounts may be applied based upon the selling warehouse.

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Accolent ERP Supports Complex Distributor Pricing Options

Accolent ERP’s complex distributor pricing options and features include:

  • Complex Distributor Pricing Options Heirarchy – Contract Pricing is the highest then Advertised Pricing, then there are four methods used to apply Matrix Pricing, Quantity Break Pricing and Discount by Warehouse. Special Pricing may then be added to other discounts
  • Contract or Advertised Pricing  Advertised pricing is similar to Contract pricing in that it normally overrides all other pricing features. A flag can be set to determine whether: (1) the better of the two prices should be used or (2) Contract prices always override all other prices including Advertised prices.
  • Special Pricing Unlike Contract and Advertised pricing which override all other pricing features, Special pricing is applied after all other discounts are applied. Special pricing is defined as a percentage discount on top of the normal discount price
  • Quantity Break Pricing - Quantity Break pricing allows discounts based on quantity sold
  • Discount by Warehouse - Discount by Warehouse applies a discount based on the selling warehouse
  • Matrix Pricing - Matrix pricing applies a discount based on a product Price List applied to the customers Pricing Tier
  • Extremely Flexible – Pricing methodology can manage almost any pricing scheme desired
  • Easy to Maintain – All pricing methods are designed to minimize the need for maintenance. Contracts can be reused on multiple customers and in combination with other contracts. Similarly, price lists based on Matrix Pricing can be applied to multiple customers and Quantity Break lists can be applied to multiple products

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