General Wholesale Distributor Software

Accolent ERP distributor software is a fully-integrated business software suite designed to help general wholesale distributors manage and perform daily tasks and plan for the future.

ADS Solutions® first began offering software to wholesalers in 1984. Over the last 25 years, we’ve built-in the features that all wholesale distributors need: multi-level pricing, quantity break pricing, catch weight pricing and costing, multiple units of measure with one product number, over-the-counter sales, and support for multiple alternate product identifiers or synonym part numbers. Each and every one of these features is designed to give general wholesale distributors the ability to simplify their day-to-day business routines by making inventory easier to find, track and sell for a profit.

Accolent ERP software is appropriate for general wholesalers such as:

  • Agricultural, Plants & Flowers
  • Batteries Distributors
  • Beauty Salons Equipment & Supplies
  • Billiard Equipment
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Copying and Duplicating Machines Distribution Software
  • Fire Extinguishers Wholesalers
  • Fire Protection Equipment Distribution Software
  • Fishing Tackle Distributors
  • General Wholesale Distributors
  • Health, Beauty & Nutrition Distribution Software
  • Marine Equipment Wholesale Software, and more

Unlike other software packages, ADS Solutions® distributor software is solely focused on the wholesale distribution industry. We provide superior software and partner with our customers to offer guided implementation and product support. It is our goal to make you the most successful distributor in your industry.