Plumbing & HVAC Distribution Software

Cloud-Based ERP Software for the Plumbing & HVAC Industry

Plumbing & HVAC Distribution Software

ADS Solutions has been providing Plumbing & HVAC distribution software to the Plumbing & HVAC industry for decades. Our Accolent ERP software delivers all the functionality that Plumbing & HVAC distributors need in a web-architected, Cloud-based, solution written to the most current standards.

If You’re a Plumbing & HVAC Distributor, Accolent ERP Has You Covered

Accolent ERP software covers all the bases for Plumbing & HVAC distributors. Accolent ERP delivers front counter sales, traditional two-step orders, allows you to modify quotes or orders to offer the best bid, and delivers complex pricing tools (contracts, pricing tiers, matrix pricing, promotional pricing, special pricing, quantity breaks and more). The Accolent ERP inventory tracking and control across multiple warehouses support supports products with multiple UOMs, product alternates, accessories and functionality for finished and unfinished kits as well as complete bill-of-materials for assemblies. Accolent ERP also supports Lot Billing and Vendor Rebates. We also deliver mobile field service apps for POD, dispatch for mobile sales and service calls.


Accolent ERP is designed by distributors for distributors and works the way you work.


Accolent ERP runs completely in the AWS Public Cloud and is much more secure than any on-premise solution. Easily add or reduce users as needed. Avoid big upfront expenditures with SaaS pricing so you can invest in and grow your business.


Modern technology allows for integration with other web-architected solutions.




Software Features

Accounting & General Ledger, inventory, purchasing, ordering, eCommerce, wireless warehouse management, and more. From sales to reporting, Accolent ERP has you covered.


Accolent ERP Technology

There are good reasons that cloud-based ERP software is rapidly replacing on-premise business software. Learn why experts predict that 5 years from now on premise systems will be obsolete.


Implementation and Training

Let us show you how our comprehensive implementation and training programs will manage your transition and get you up and running on Accolent ERP quickly and painlessly.


Complete Plumbing & HVAC Distribution Software

We know what you need to run a successful Plumbing & HVAC distribution business. Accolent ERP includes customer management and CRM, order management and processing, multiple eCommerce options, a full wireless WMS solution for warehouse pick/pack/ship operations that can work with handheld barcode scanners, delivery routes, inventory tracking and control, purchasing, supply chain management as well as full Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and GAAP-compliant accounting. Accolent ERP also delivers powerful, yet easy-to-use, data analytics and business intelligence tools. Accolent ERP offers fully integrated EDI capabilities.

Accolent ERP Plumbing & HVAC distribution software allows you to:

  • Painlessly and quickly create quotes for customers or prospects and refine bid prices
  • Easily convert quotes to orders
  • Use complex pricing tools (contracts, promotional pricing, pricing tiers, matrix pricing, quantity breaks, etc.) that are also easy to maintain, to drive sales and maximize margins
  • Make over the counter sales
  • Use product alternates and accessories to automatically suggest items
  • Create unfinished kits for products routinely sold together, finished kits for simple assemblies, and bill-of-materials for more complex assemblies
  • Automate POs to your vendors so you can fill non-stock orders
  • Automate your product reorder parameters based on actual results not estimates
  • Use required dates for order line items to partially ship orders to meet contractor job site delivery needs
  • Deploy mobile field service apps for proof of delivery, technician dispatch and mobile sales to power your services needs
  • Access Accolent ERP’s comprehensive vendor rebate management capability to take advantage of all rebates
  • Take advantage of industry-leading data analytics and business intelligence tools to spot trends and make better decisions
  • Get real-time visibility into inventory levels, purchasing needs, and financial performance
  • Create comprehensive GAAP financial statements

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