About ADS Solutions

About ADS Solutions

ADS Solutions® is a software development company based in the San-Francisco Bay area. Our founders were distributors and our software solutions have been created by distributors for distributors. We have been serving the software needs of small and medium-sized wholesalers and distributors for over 30 years.

Because of our focus on distribution, we completely understand the unique needs of businesses focused on distribution and light manufacturing. And based on this understanding, our ADS Solutions software delivers all the features and functionality that small and medium-sized distributors need.

We continually adopt new technology and enhance and update our software to meet today’s technology needs. Responding to the growing demand for Cloud-based solutions, we set out in 2011 to create Accolent ERP. Our goal was to create Cloud-based, fully-integrated software with the features our customers needed.  Today, Accolent ERP is a leading, natively Cloud-based solution that uniquely delivers features optimized for small and medium-sized wholesale distributors and light manufacturers.

About ADS Solutions Products

Our products are powerful, feature-rich, fully-integrated systems that support businesses’ end-to-end business needs. We offer both our Accolent ERP state-of-the-art Cloud-based software that can be delivered as a SaaS solution, as well as our legacy, on-premises Advantage client-server software.

About The Industries We Serve

Our software is optimized for and used by many industries (food, restaurant equipment and supplies, specialty tools, industrial products, plumbing supplies, janitorial/paper/chemical supplies, electrical components, electronics, and more). Business across the country rely upon ADS Solutions software to control inventory, purchasing, customer service, online ordering, accounting, and fulfillment from their warehouses.

ADS Solutions® software supports flexible multi-level pricing, selling and purchasing in multiple units of measure, catch weights, bar coding, credit card processing, rentals and recurring billing, special orders, drop ships, and more — all designed to simplify complex tasks common to distributors and light manufacturers.

Our e-commerce modules allow businesses to create an online customer portal and an online retail storefront. Using the online customer portal, customers can access their accounts, place orders, view unique pricing, and assess real-time inventory status over the Internet. The online retail storefront allows retail visitors to browse to your website and select and purchase goods online.