Software for Distributors to Manage Vendor Rebates

Comprehensive Functionality to Track, Manage, Submit and Collect Vendor Rebates

Managing Vendor Rebates

For many distributors operating on tight margins, successfully managing vendor rebates can represent the difference between profitability and a loss. Vendor rebates, which are common in Jan/San as well as other industries, are special cost reductions offered by vendors for the sale of specified products to specific target Customers. Under a rebate contract, the typical purchasing cost for the product is rebated for sales to the specific customers. Accolent ERP has comprehensive functionality for tracking, managing vendor rebates, submitting for payment and collecting on rebates.

Create Rebate Contracts

Easily set up a Rebate Contract for a specific product with a contract quantity and expiry date and record the Deviated Cost (i.e., normal purchasing cost less rebate) on the contract.

  • Assign the rebate contract to the specific target customer or group of customers
  • If assigned to a group of customers, the contract quantity will be pooled between these customers
  • Track quantity sold under the rebate contract

Record Rebates Due

All sales of the product to the target customer(s) will automatically be made under the rebate contract. The rebate automation in Accolent ERP will automatically record sales under the rebate contract. In addition, will:

  • Decrement the remaining Contract Quantity
  • Record revenue at the Contract Price, and cost as the specified Deviated Cost
  • Automatically record and create a Rebate Due receivable
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Submit and Collect Rebates

No need to keep complicated spreadsheets anymore. Use Accolent ERP’s extensive tools to select, mark and submit Rebates for payment to the vendor.

  • Either download as a CSV file or send through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • When payment is received, easily tie out the payment receipt against the Rebates claimed in that submission
  • Record receipt and change the status of the Rebates paid in full
  • Ability at any time to tie-out the whole account to show open items, paid items and information on how paid


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Comprehensive Functionality for Managing Vendor Rebates

Accolent ERP's Vendor Rebate processing functionality includes:

  • Single Customer or Group of Customers – Accolent ERP can create rebate contracts for one customer or multiple specified customers with the contract quantity specific to each customer or as a shared pool among all the customers specified
  • No Special Process – Any sales of the specified product to the specified customer will automatically be recorded under the rebate contract
  • General Ledger Posting – Records a sale transaction at the Deviated Cost and a Rebates Due receivable for the rebate
  • Sales Reports and Commissions – All sales reports and commissions reports will show the transaction at Deviated Cost
  • Submission of Claims – Filter Rebates Due screen by Vendor, by Customer, by Date Range to create the population for submission and mark all submitted rebate claims with a submission number
  • Receipt of Payment – Filter Rebates Due screen by submission number to see rebates claimed and then tie-out against rebates paid

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