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AP Automation Software for Distributors

Accolent ERP delivers powerful AP Automation software for distributors through an integration with Tipalti, a best-in-class AP Automation solution. Using AP Automation software, you can save significant amounts of time and money on your AP (Accounts Payable) processing. You’ll be able to cut down on your AP staff, you can take better advantage of early-payment discounts, your vendors can get paid by their preferred payment method (US ACH, global ACH, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paper Check, Debit Card) anywhere in the world, and tie-out and reconciliation is very simple.

Why AP Automation Software Makes Sense

Paying vendors by check is labor-intensive, prone to errors, slow and expensive. Instead, with AP Automation software, you create a payment run and with one-click push to Tipalti. That’s it! All vendors get paid and all Accolent ERP payment records are automatically updated. How does it work?

  • All your vendors will be uploaded to the Tipalti platform, and they will log on to select their preferred payment methods and provide their tax information.
  • Then, when your payment run is uploaded via API, the payments for all vendors anywhere in the world will get processed and paid securely.
  • Tipalti executes payments to 196 countries in 120 local currencies.
  • When complete, Tipalti updates Accolent ERP and all payments that were pending as Temporary Checks are confirmed and all records are updated in Accolent ERP.

Benefits of AP Automation Software

The savings of time and money with AP Automation software can be significant:

  • Reduce AP Resource Needs - Substantially cut back on the resources, time and effort needed to write, mail, reconcile and collect payment on manual checks. According to a study by Bank of America, a single business check ranges in cost to process from $4 to $20.
  • Incentivize Vendors to Accept Cheaper Payment Methods - Use transaction fees to incentivize vendors to accept payment methods such as ACH payments which are a fraction of the cost of issuing paper checks.
  • Establish Financial Controls - Using AP Automation software you can create payment approval processes that can delegate authority and control access, eliminating manual approval process bottlenecks.
  • Reduce Fraud Risks - AP Automation software continuously checks for potentially fraudulent payees and can stop frauds before payments are released.
  • Pay Vendors On-Time and Maximize Terms Discounts - With AP Automation software, your vendors can get paid quicker, and you can maximize early payment terms discounts.

Accolent ERP AP Automation Integration 

Accolent ERP has built a powerful, highly functional API integration with Tipalti, a leader in AP Automation software:

  • Vendors in Accolent ERP can be initially uploaded to Tipalti
  • Vendors can thenupdate their payment methods and tax information themselves on the Tipalti portal
  • Vouchers created in Accolent ERP can be linked to POs and PO Receipts in the normal way
  • Payment runs created in Accolent ERP can then be automatically uploaded to Tipalti
  • Completed payments and payer fees are automatically uploaded to Accolent ERP from Tipalti
  • Interim statuses prior to payment completion (e.g., “Waiting to Approve”, “Submitted”) are automatically pushed from Tipalti to Accolent ERP and can also be refreshed on demand from Accolent ERP
  • Tipalti’s cloud infrastructure delivers best-in-class performance and security.


Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


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Accolent ERP AP Automation Software Features

The Accolent ERP AP Automation integration includes these features:

  • Direct API Integration – All your Accolent ERP payment run information is delivered to Tipalti and paid information received back from Tipalti over secure APIs
  • Offer Vendors Multiple Payment Methods – Vendors can select from US ACH, Global ACH, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paper Checks, Debit Cards)
  • Global Payments – Tipalti delivers payment to 196 countries in 120 local currencies
  • Financial Controls – Control system access, provide approvals workflows and delegated authority, that can speed turnaround
  • Full Transparency – See the status of payments easily in Accolent ERP. Receive notifications if payments are deferred or rejected

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