Wholesale Distribution Software

For Today’s Distributor, Accolent ERP, our Cloud-based Wholesale Distribution Software is a Best-in-Class Solution

Accolent ERP is a wholesale distribution software solution that is built on 30 years of experience serving wholesale distributors across a wide range of industries.

Cloud-based wholesale distribution software allows wholesale distributors to respond to significant industry-wide changes, new pressures and new challenges. Using the Accolent ERP wholesale distribution software, distributors can benefit from a much better subscription-based financial model than on-premises solutions. Its web architecture allows integration with other Cloud solutions. That gives wholesalers the flexibility to quickly adapt to industry-wide shifts in inventory optimization, purchasing decisions, customer service, and fulfillment technology.

Wholesale distribution software today must also provide e-commerce solutions as online procurement becomes the norm. All wholesale distributors need to be selling on the Web. The Accolent ERP wholesale distribution software includes two optional, fully-integrated e-commerce modules. The e-Wholesale module allows wholesale distributors to give customers online access to place orders, view the status of their orders, pay their invoices and more.  The e-Retail module allows wholesale distributors to create new businesses targeting online retail customers as well.

Watch this 60-second video about Accolent ERP wholesale distribution software:

Accolent ERP is one of the few wholesale distribution software systems that:

  • is natively Cloud-based and runs on a web-browser so that distributors can:
    • access the wholesale distribution software from anywhere
    • using any device that can run a standard web-browser
    • eliminate the need for extensive IT system configuration and ongoing maintenance
  • was created specifically to serve the unique needs of small and mid-sized distributors (not one-size-fits-all software)
  • offers a SaaS option, sparing distributors significant up-front investment costs and virtually eliminating the need for on-site IT staff