Wholesale Accounting Software

Complete Business Accounting Software

Our Cloud-based accounting software monitors income, tracks expenditures, helps set budgets and manages resources for your entire business, utilizing the best industry practices. ADS Solutions® cloud-based accounting software gives you all the data you need to fine tune your sales, identify your best and worst performing products and lines, track your salespersons’ productivity and commissions, track your Accounts Receivable and customers’ payments, control costs and manage your Accounts Payable. Our complete, periodic GAAP financial statements allow you to manage and optimize the financial performance of your business.

Exceptional Accounts Receivable Capabilities

On one screen see the complete record of invoices, credit memos and payments on a customer’s account. Easily age Accounts Receivable to identify overdue items. Automated faxing, e-mailing, or printing of invoices, statements and collection letters minimizes time spent on repetitive but critical tasks. Complete flexibility to apply customers’ payments to specific invoices or to distribute over a number of open invoices. Ability to take payments by cash, credit card, e-Check or ACH, supporting most major payment processors and payment gateways.

Powerful Expense Management and Accounts Payable Features

Allocate expenses to multiple level General Ledger (GL) accounts and track against budgets at the GL account level. Set default GL account postings and allocations by vendor to improve efficiency. Full-featured aging of Accounts Payable and ability to manage vendor payments by due dates, by your defined priority or to capture pay-by-date discounts. Easily select vendor invoices to pay and write checks.

ADS Solutions® Cloud-based accounting software is fully integrated with the rest of our ERP software system which is designed for end-to-end management of companies from the sales counter to the shipping dock, and everything in-between. View details about the best Cloud-based accounting software here.

Our accounting inventory software has all the features distributors need:

    • multiple levels of security – protect sensitive accounting information while allowing access to appropriate material
    • complete audit trail – allows full transparency in recreating any transaction
    • full GAAP-compliant financial statements – satisfy financial reporting requirements
  • GL, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable – provide full-featured accounting controls
  • bank reconciliation – ties balance sheet and cash accounts to actual cash in bank
  • powerful pricing and costing capabilities – permit setting profit margins by product or product line and tracking costs with and without loading or averaging
  • commission processing – allows sophisticated but easy to implement commission and incentivization schemes
  • multi-currency – supports multiple currency transactions
  • integration with 3rd party payroll – allow for employee management and compensation
  • job costing – allows bidding and tracking of user-defined job costs

Request a demonstration and find out for yourself how the extensive features and functionality of our specialized accounting software for distributors are particularly well-suited to your particular industry, with unique pricing, multiple units of measure, a large volume of special orders of non-stock items, and product sourcing needs.

Call us at 800-423-8268 to learn more about how our powerful accounting and financials software can serve your business requirements.