Cloud-Based ERP Software

Accolent ERP – the Latest Technology

With web-based Cloud software you don’t need any special software installed on your local device, and any device capable of running a standard Internet browser can access Accolent ERP. This allows businesses to access their critical information anytime, anywhere over the Internet, from any device that runs a standard web browser. This flexibility, along with a full lineup of powerful business features, a clean user interface, and flexible pricing options makes Accolent ERP software the best choice for your business.

Accolent ERP is ADS Solutions® latest, state-of-the-art Cloud-based ERP software suite for the SMB market. Accolent ERP is built on a web-architecture and has been written using the latest Microsoft technologies: ASP.NET, C# and SQL, and AJAX controls. Because Accolent ERP software is web-based, it can either be hosted in the Cloud and delivered as a SaaS (software as a service) solution, or installed locally, on your own premises.

If you’re considering new ERP software, take into account that over the last few years technology has moved past old client-server architectures to the current web architecture. The changeover is well passed the tipping point, and it’s time to consider moving to true web-based software written to the current standards. It is quite possible that client-server technology will be completely outdated in the next few years – you can see this in how even consumer-based software applications are delivered today. Cloud-based ERP software offers several benefits: it is current rather than old technology, it takes advantage of the scale economics of the Cloud, it can scale easily with your business, it frees you up from the IT burden of managing your hardware and network, and it is available on a subscription basis. Cloud-based distribution software can have significant economic benefits – see our white paper: Is Cloud ERP Really Cheaper?

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