Warehouse Management Software (WMS) System

Warehouse Management

Accolent ERP supports distributors with one warehouse or multiple warehouses. Accolent ERP warehouse management gives you the ability, for each warehouse, to:

  • obtain inventory reports by warehouse
  • check inventory status and availability for each warehouse while entering quote, order, purchase order, etc.
  • set selling prices for items by warehouse
  • vary costs by warehouse
  • define safety stock levels by warehouse
  • define inventory stocking levels by warehouse

Warehouse Transfers and Centralized Purchasing

For multiple warehouses, Accolent ERP gives you the ability to create warehouse transfers to easily move products between warehouses to optimize inventory levels and vendor discounts. Accolent ERP also supports centralized purchasing options which allow for consolidating purchasing centrally based on requirements of all warehouses and then distributing inventory between the purchasing warhouse and stocking warehouses using warehouse transfers.

Wireless WMS Capabilities

Accolent ERP allows for virtually all warehouse management functions to be performed using the wireless WMS system. You can receive or return POs, put-away goods and count inventory using the wireless WMS system. Also, the whole fulfillment process – picking orders, packing orders and preparing orders for shipping – can be completed wirelessly by warehouse personnel. This substantially increases the efficiency and accuracy of your fulfillment process. For maximum flexibility, Accolent ERP’s wireless WMS system supports either ruggedized fork-lift mounted tablets paired with bluetooth-enabled scanning guns or all-in-one hand-held devices.

Optimize Your WMS System

Whether you have one warehouse or multiple warehouses, whether you do purchasing at each warehouse or centrally, whatever your fulfillment process – whether you fulfill orders individually or in batches – we have the functionality to help you make your warehouse operations more cost-effective and efficient.

Call us today to see how we can help you streamline and take cost out of your warehouse operations.