Accolent ERP is an Alternative to Legacy ERP Software

Accolent ERP is Cloud-Based Software for Distributors, Light Manufacturers and Service Companies

Accolent ERP is an Alternative to Legacy ERP Software

If you are a distributor that is running your business on these legacy ERP software systems Activant, Prophet21, Peachtree (also known as Sage 50), Sage (100 ERP, 300 ERP, 500 ERP), QuickBooks, or some homegrown system, now is a good time to consider changing. If you are already on a Cloud-based system like Acumatica or Others but that was not developed specifically for distributors, you should consider moving to Accolent ERP.  Accolent ERP is a powerful Cloud-based alternative to legacy ERP software or software that was not developed specifically for distributors. Below are the main reasons to consider a switch from legacy software to a modern Cloud-based ERP system designed for distributors.

  • Technology Change

    The fundamental technology shift to Cloud-based systems is now mainstream and accelerating. Because of this, ERP software providers are no longer investing in on-premises technology and are redirecting their resources to Cloud-based solutions. As a result, over time it becomes increasingly more expensive and difficult to maintain legacy software. And, there will come a point in time where software providers stop support altogether for older technologies.

  • Integrations with Other Systems

    Many legacy ERP systems either relied upon separate unconnected software systems to support the core ERP solution or created custom integrations with these other systems. Neither of these approaches are sustainable for aging technology. Many of these separate systems are no longer supported or are now available only as Cloud-based systems via APIs. Maintaining custom integrations with old systems is also very challenging as it gets harder to find skilled developers willing to work on old technology.

  • Access to Features

    As integrations with other systems become more challenging, your ability to access new features and functionality can start to impact your productivity. Think of the value and flexibility associated with features like linkage to eCommerce platforms, CRM, Business Intelligence, AP Automation, Integrated Payments, Mobile Apps, Field Services, Multi-carrier Shipping, Online Sales Tax, and more. The reduced efficiency and productivity costs can be hard to quantify but are typically very significant.

  • Designed for Distributors

    Unless your software has been designed specifically for wholesale distributors it will likely not support processes or workflows that are typical for your business. Finding a workaround for missing functionality may be possible but often involves additional steps and can introduce manual entry errors. The reduced productivity impacts and potential for manual entry errors add costs and these can add up. You need software that understands your business’ needs and accommodates them.

Why Accolent ERP Software?

With decades of focus solely on the distribution industry and state-of-the-art Cloud-based technology, Accolent ERP is a great option for distributors that are thinking of replacing legacy ERP software, other homegrown systems, or seeking software optimized for distributors.

  • Latest Cloud-Based Technology

    Accolent ERP is true Cloud-based software – not hosted on-premises software being passed off as Cloud software. Accolent ERP is built on a web architecture and is written using the latest Microsoft technologies. Accolent ERP has all the workflows, processes, and features that distributors need with powerful, intuitive and easy to navigate screens. Accolent ERP runs in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Public Cloud and users can access Accolent ERP anytime, from anywhere, using any device running a standard web browser – providing tremendous flexibility and power to your business.

  • The Functionality Distributors Need

    Accolent ERP is a fully-integrated software suite that delivers all the functionality that distributors need. Accolent ERP’s functionality includes CRM, eCommerce, order management and processing, inventory tracking and control, purchasing management, warehouse management, field services apps, GAAP-compliant accounting, reporting and business intelligence functionality. Accolent ERP has been optimized to meet the needs of multiple distribution industries.  Accolent ERP accommodates the needs of distributor partners such as trade associations, buying groups, and others with features like EDI, rebate processing, and electronic price updates, as well as data imports.


Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more

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