Training Overview

Comprehensive Training Program

Our comprehensive training program will quickly get your team up and running on the Accolent ERP system. The program consists of live online training sessions, written materials, guided assignments, and how-to videos. We’ll also tape each of your online training sessions and make these available to you for reference – or to train new employees. The program emphasizes hands-on interactive training, follow-up review sessions, and assignments that facilitate increased content retention.

We know that you have a business to run, so our training program is modular requiring employees to attend only those sessions that pertain to their functions. Conveniently, much of the preparation for the training sessions can be done outside business hours. During or after the training, your employees will easily be able to refer back to videos, online guides, or their assignments to review what was covered.

In the training program we’ll:

  • provide a series of live online training sessions;
  • set up a pre-live transition program for you;
  • help you evaluate your readiness to “go-live”; and
  • review your first end-of-month closing procedures after going live.

We’re In This With You

We have a vested interest in helping your team learn how to use the Accolent ERP system quickly and thoroughly so that they will obtain the maximum benefits from it. We have tried to find the optimal balance between getting through the training rapidly and ensuring maximum content retention. If you need more help or need to get trained in additional areas that are not covered in the basic training, just let your trainer know. We’ll be happy to help.

We’re Available After Training

After your training is complete, we’re always available to answer any follow-up questions your employees have. With our support contract, any questions related to the operation or use of the Accolent ERP software are free. Our Support Center portal allows your employees to easily submit any questions or requests for assistance at any time.

Our Philosophy

We know that we can only be successful if our customers are happy. And we understand that in order for our customers to be happy and satisfied we need to help them take advantage of all Accolent ERP has to offer. We take this very seriously. We will always go the “extra mile” to make sure that your employees get quickly and thoroughly trained, and we’ll follow up wherever needed.