We’ve Got Your Implementation Covered

We’ve all heard stories about distributors that have been badly burnt by other ERP vendors’ implementation processes which go on and on and end up costing a fortune. Some ERP vendors view their implementation and associated services as profit centers. We don’t believe in this approach – we have designed Accolent ERP software so that it is easy to implement, and have structured procedures in place to get you up and running as quickly as possible. This entire process is fully explained in our Basic Implementation Kit, detailed Training Kit, and comprehensive Data Conversion Kit.

One All-In Price: No Hidden Costs

Implementation costs are quoted in a fixed-price all-inclusive manner, so you know up-front what it’s going to cost you. We’re partnered with you in this endeavor – if your implementation drags out or is more complicated than it should be, we’ll lose money.

Managing the Implementation

An Implementation Coordinator will be assigned to you who will work with your company’s Project Manager to guide you step-by-step through the implementation process. You will have access to extensive how-to videos, training documentation, and detailed checklists of activities and timelines.

What Steps Are Involved?

There are several key steps in the implementation process. They include:

  • a “needs” analysis so we can understand how to optimally configure Accolent ERP to support your business processes
  • the installation of Accolent ERP software
  • training of your employees
  • conversion of your data and
  • the setting up of your pre-live transition program to ensure everything is working as intended

At the end of these steps, you will be ready to go-live on Accolent ERP. We will continue to assist you after you go-live to make sure you can get through your first end-of-month reporting period.

We’ll Keep Things On Track

Our Implementation Coordinator will work with you to set up an agreed timeline, identifying each step in the implementation process as well as its inter-relationships with other key steps. We’ll work with your team to manage the entire process and keep you on track to meet your targeted go-live date.

Our online Support Center portal will be the hub of your implementation process; from there that your entire process will be managed and monitored. Each step of the implementation will be set up as a specific support request ticket. You will be able to log on to Support Center at any time to view the current status and progress of each implementation step at any time. Also through Support Center, you will be able to easily access documentation and videos related to that step, and you will be able add any questions or comments that will be automatically communicated to your Implementation Coordinator and/or trainer.

We want you to know that we’re in this with you. We have a vested interest in getting you through the implementation process and having you go-live on the Accolent ERP system quickly and without complications. If there are other issues that come up, we are available to help you resolve these. We look forward to you being able to take advantage of the many benefits Accolent ERP offers to your business.