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Implementation Overview

Implementation Overview 

Implementation of a new ERP system is a big undertaking, but don’t let that daunt you -- we have you completely covered. Our implementation services will ensure your implementation is successful. We and you are completely aligned in wanting a smooth, structured, timely, and successful implementation of Accolent ERP. To accomplish this, we have designed Accolent ERP software so that it is intuitive and easy to implement. In addition, we have put in place a structured implementation process to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will work closely with your designated Project Manager, and we will involve your operations personnel when needed. This will ensure that your employees who are most familiar with your processes and data are fully trained and comfortable with the Accolent ERP system.

Our Implementation Plan

We provide an implementation plan that includes all the services and assistance needed to get you live on Accolent ERP. We offer this plan at a fixed price, so you know up-front what it’s going to cost you. The implementation plan provides you with a systematic process and sequence of implementation steps, checklists, tools, and guidance to get you through the implementation and go live on Accolent ERP. We will work closely with your Project Manager throughout the implementation process. You will have access to our training videos which can be viewed at your own pace at any time so your team can get familiar with Accolent ERP. You will be able to access all our data import templates so that you can convert your data quickly and easily.

Our implementation managers will be available to help any time you run into a problem. Whenever you need to, you can set up a call with your implementation manager or enter support tickets for assistance.


Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


Accolent ERP Technology

There are good reasons that cloud-based ERP software is rapidly replacing on-premise business software. Learn why experts predict that 5 years from now on premise systems will be obsolete.


Implementation and Training

Let us show you how our comprehensive implementation and training programs will manage your transition and get you up and running on Accolent ERP quickly and painlessly.


Implementation Assistance from Partners

If you would like additional assistance, we can connect you with a professional services partner who can take charge of your implementation process from A-Z. If you are transitioning from Advantage to Accolent ERP, we recommend that you work with us directly rather than through a partner who will not be as familiar with Advantage. There are some benefits to using a professional services partner. Your employees have full-time roles and having someone else manage all the implementation activities can take some of the coordination and scheduling responsibilities off your Project Manager.

To get a list of professional services partners who can implement Accolent ERP, please contact us.

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