Data Conversion Overview

We Know Data Conversion is Critical

We understand how important it is to have full access to your data. Our Data Conversion Kit gives you access to all of our import templates, import programs and the guidance that you’ll need to successfully convert your data. Once you extract your data into our import templates you will be able to easily import the data into Accolent ERP. If your team has any questions you can submit these on our Support center portal and we’ll be delighted to help you.

Data Conversion Process

A successful data conversion process requires:

  1. Deciding what data records you want to convert
  2. Setting up the main records and value lists in Accolent ERP
  3. Extracting your data from your old system and putting the extracted data into our import templates
  4. Importing the populated import templates into Accolent ERP
  5. Reviewing, correcting and re-importing any data errors
  6. Checking  the data before you go-live

Which Files to Convert?

You will first need to determine which data records you wish to convert – there is a balance between the desire to have access to all your old data and the time and effort to convert it. We’ll be happy to help you decide what records to convert. Our Data Conversion Kit provides you with the use of all of our standard data import templates and our import programs. However, converting unnecessary files will require more time from your IT specialist and your team.

Records and Value Lists

Before you extract your data you will need to review the first few Accolent ERP training videos. In these training videos, you’ll see how to set up your basic records and value lists tables. You will need to have set these up before you can import your data into them. For example, you need to set up your product groups, categories and sub-categories before you associate a particular product with a product category.

Data Extraction

You will need to identify the right person to get your data out of your old system and into our import templates. Ideally this will be someone who is familiar with your existing database – either your current system administrator or an IT specialist. We have over 60 different import templates for all the major elements of data needed in the system including: Customers, Contacts, Products, Inventory and Costs, Product Groups, Categories and Sub-categories, Vendors, etc. All of these templates have detailed column-by-column instructions for how to organize your extracted data into the templates.

Data Import and Checking

Once your data is populated into the import templates, it can be easily imported into Accolent ERP. The import programs will identify any missing or incorrectly formatted data records. Once you correct these data exceptions you can re-import them. Then, you will need to check and verify the data before you go-live.


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Contact Us With Your Data Conversion Questions

We want your data conversion to go smoothly. Our data conversion team is available to answer any questions you have or provide help with any aspect of your data conversion. If you wish, we will be happy to review your spreadsheets of data before you try to import them. If there is any other assistance you need at any time, please let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

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