Shipping Management

Accolent ERP® Shipping Management Software

Accolent ERP provides distributors and manufacturers with powerful fulfillment and shipping management software tools.

  • With Accolent ERP, users can look up freight rates from UPS, FedEx and USPS while creating quotes or orders.
  • When an order moves to the warehouse for fulfillment, Accolent ERP provides the full range of picking, packing and shipping management functionality that businesses need.
  • You can pick orders as single pick tickets or batch together as master pick tickets, and sort to optimize your picking sequence. You can pick multiple orders as a single master pick ticket and pack as individual orders.
  • Once picked, you can pack an order in multiple boxes and create a packing list for each box.
  • Select a freight vendor, get a tracking number, print a shipping label for each box in the order and arrange for the pick-up of the order by the freight vendor.
  • You can set your FOB defaults by customer.
  • Accolent ERP stores freight account details for the shipper, customer and third-parties, providing the flexibility to bill freight charges to:
    1. the shipper’s account,
    2. the customer’s account, or
    3. to a third-party account
  • With Accolent ERP, customers can be notified of the shipment of their orders. Once shipment is confirmed, Accolent ERP allows you to invoice your customer.

For businesses that want to maintain multiple retail-focused e-commerce store fronts, Accolent ERP offers a simple, easy-to-use, Cloud-based, shipping solution through an integration with ShippingEasy. Read more about ShippingEasy >