Managing Manufacturer Rebates

Easily Track, Manage, and Collect Manufacturer Rebates

For many distributors operating on tight margins, a manufacturer’s rebate can represent the difference between a profitable sale and a loss. As many manufacturers specifically target their rebates, being able to effectively track, manage, and quickly collect these has become a critical need for most distributors.

Accolent ERP software for distributors simplifies the process of providing, tracking and collecting of manufacturer rebates. You have the flexibility to offer customer-specific pricing that can be specified by unit-of-measure, and include variables like expiration date options and manufacturer’s rebated cost. Calculate sales commissions taking into account manufacturers’ rebates that may apply to a specific item to a specific customer during a specific period. That’s a lot of ‘specifics’ but if you can do this you’ll see your profits grow.

With Accolent ERP, you can track manufacturers’ rebates by invoice line item, and apply credits (and/or payments) received from manufacturers against the rebates due. Receipt of a rebate creates a voucher credit and then applies that credit to a rebate-receivables record allowing you to track, manage and collect all your manufacturers’ rebates. We also offer you the capability to submit your rebate claims electronically in the manufacturer’s prescribed format to ensure that your claims are received and processed in the shortest time possible.

We support electronic filing of rebate claims for a variety of manufacturers, vendors, catalogs, and buying groups in a number of industries. With our software, providing a manufacturer’s rebate on a customer order, tracking, claiming, receiving and applying it can be automatic. Let us show you how to optimize your rebate tracking process.