Accolent e-Wholesale e-Commerce Software

Accolent e-Wholesale

Accolent e-Wholesale is an e-commerce software application targeted at your existing wholesale customers.

Comprehensive, Integrated, Online Ordering

Accolent e-Wholesale allows your existing customers to place orders, check on the status of their orders, make payments and view their account details. Access to e-Wholesale’s secure website is password protected and restricted to your existing customers.

Customers Can Place New Orders Online and Check on Existing Orders

Your customers that place orders through e-Wholesale will get the same customer-specific pricing, payment terms, ship via’s, delivery comments, etc., that they would were they to place the orders with your sales personnel. They will be able to easily search for specific products using their part number or yours, see product information and images, as well as accessory and alternate products.

In e-Wholesale, customers can see their full account histories including their past purchases and parts histories. They can order from previous purchases or favorites or a “suggested order” list of items with quantity and anticipated run-out date including information about the last purchase. They can also see the status of their current orders.

Customers Can Pay Online or Purchase on Account

With established credit and payment terms, your customers can choose whether to pay an invoice immediately using your preferred online payment options or to purchase on account.

Your customers can also pull up their open invoices and decide which, if any, to pay. They will be able to pay individual invoices or groups of invoices. Customers can review their past invoices and payments and produce account statements themselves.

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For a list of supported credit card gateways, please click here.