Sales and Invoicing Software for Wholesale Distribution – Details

Finally! Wholesale Invoice Software That Is Sales and Customer Service Friendly

Your sales staff can prospect effectively with the tools available in ADS Solutions software. Most importantly, flexible pricing schemes and detailed contact notes help your sales staff sell more in the office and in the field. But your A/R staff will love the billing features in our wholesale invoice software.

Detailed Order Entry and Wholesale Billing Features

An intuitive and speedy order entry process is used to create:

  • immediate invoices (over-the-counter)
  • two-step orders (pick/pack slip with confirmation)
  • quotes/bids
  • future orders
  • recurring orders
  • rental orders
  • repair orders
  • returned goods (credit memos)

When Speed, Manpower and Accuracy Matters

  • Automatically convert quotes to orders and automate billing

Powerful Pricing Features Boost Margins

Our many pricing features allow you to monitor and adjust prices and charges:

  • assign a one-time special cost to an item during order entry with password
  • price items by the ship-to address or by the bill-to address
  • create invoice and instantly update accounts receivables
  • add freight and/or labor charges during order entry or at ship confirmation
      • Create invoices with split terms and automatically generate multiple Accounts Receivable items
      • Pre-set pricing guidelines, warnings or limits:
        • see warning during order entry if an order line does not meet a defined profit margin
        • need authorization to process an order line below a specified profit margin
        • determine the most competitive bid and desired profit margin by manipulating various combinations of pricing and costing during order and quote entry
  • Access the Product Master from order entry to see detailed product information.
  • Consolidate like parts from different pick tickets/orders onto one invoice when confirming shipment
  • Multiple sort options available on order

Additional Sales and Invoicing Features – Click to Expand

Agile Search Features Let Sales Staff Look Up and Process Orders Quickly
  • Easily find and enter products on orders:
    • find item using any word in the item description
    • enter item using user-defined item number
    • find item with multiple user-defined cross-references like an abbreviation of the item name
    • enter a synonym part number which will automatically convert to internal part number
    • enter item by reading bar code – great for counter sales
    • automatically convert UPC or vendor bar code label to your item number
    • add accessory and alternate items to order from quick entry pop-up screen
    • add items from the contract prices list, list of most recent parts purchased, and more


Special Orders and Drop Ships
  • Easily purchase and ship special order items
  • Quickly process drop-ship orders


Encourage Up-Sells, Add-Ons, and Accessory Items

Sales staff have full access to complete customer sales history including: last sale, last purchase date, quantity, and price, prior purchases by part # by customer. They can be reminded about accessory products (e.g., batteries with a flashlight sale) to boost add-on sales.


Take Advantage of Multiple Warehouses
  • ship each line on the order from a different warehouse
  • ship item from alternate warehouse if a customer’s normal shipping warehouse is out of stock
  • view available inventory in all warehouses while entering an order


Personal Contact Lists
  • Detailed contact information including: comments, phone numbers, follow codes, etc.
  • Easy contact lookup with multiple cross-referencing and search features
  • Fax and email contacts using optional integrated fax and email system
  • Lists can serve as distribution lists for mailings, follow-up, etc.
  • Easily add new contacts on the fly
  • Contacts can be associated with multiple customers and/or vendors


  • Copy quotes to sales order or to another customer’s file
  • Save quotes and use as an order template to reduce order entry time
  • Request for Quotes feature speeds your purchasing process from vendor
  • Use any pricing method for a quote


Sales Transaction Locate Screen
  • From one screen, apply filters for customer, date range, warehouse, salesman, or parts to search for and locate any type of transaction (e.g., quote, order, invoice, back order, future order, special order, recurring invoice)
  • Sort screen on any column or multiple columns and group results to produce targeted actionable follow-up lists
  • Instantly identify and respond to customer questions on any sales transaction
  • One button export of sales transaction lists to Excel, Word or PDF


Sales Force Automation
  • Access the ADS Solutions system from anywhere over the Internet
  • Review pricing, sales / product use history, and product availability at your customer’s place of business
  • Create quotes and orders just as if you were in the office


Sales Prospecting
  • Manage unlimited mail lists of prospective customers
  • Assign codes to track prospects through the sales cycle
  • Use personalized Contact Lists to maintain contact with prospects
  • Create full prospect records with multiple contacts, comments, company type, assigned sales person, etc.


Sales Route Analysis Report
  • Use Sale Route Analysis report to analyze customer sales history by displaying:
    • several weeks or several months worth of purchase history
    • last sales information
    • new pricing changes
  • Calculate customer use-rates and project out-of-stock date based on the last purchase quantity
  • Automated email reminders to customers projected to be running out of stock based on use-rates and last purchase
  • Evaluate more than one customer at a time, including routes (groups of customers)
  • Automatically incorporate increased lead times for special order items


Customizable Commission Plans
  • Calculate commissions by profit by line or a percentage of gross by line
  • Supports customized commission rules by salesperson
  • Pay commission based on invoice date or collection date
  • Track commissions paid on overdue customer accounts with ability to take back commissions on a line item basis
  • Customize commission system to meet your needs
  • Decrease commission percentage automatically if the product is discounted below user defined levels
  • Recalculate commissions as necessary if cost changes are made to the invoice even after ship confirmation
  • Manually adjust commissions line by line as necessary to process special situations
  • Enter a user defined cost in order entry that will apply for commission purposes on a single order line only
  • Calculate commission while taking into account rebated manufacturing costs that may apply for sales of a specific item to a specific customer during a specific time period
  • Define different commission rates for each sales representative on each commission class of product


Flexible Pricing Strategies
  • Sell products in one unit of measure and price in another
  • Track costs with multiple cost files for each item
  • Protect and restric access to cost, price, and profit information
  • Maintain separate costs for products by warehouse
  • Maintain multiple quantity breaks for each product
  • Maintain pricing by:
    • Customer Price level number
    • Columnar (matrix pricing by customer price level number)
    • Detailed Pricing and Standard discount lists both supported
    • Contracts by customer, by product or product category with an expiration date
    • Pricing by warehouse location
    • Quantity break pricing discounts with support for consolidated aggregate pricing (example: buy two of one item and three of another to receive the five lot price)
    • Advertised pricing by location with expiration date
  • Prices can be: a discount percent from list, a markup percent from cost, based on Gross Margin, a fixed dollar amount
  • Pricing can be customized for the customer, product, or product category:
    • Special add-on discounts by customer, product, or product category
    • Overall discounts can be applied for individual customers
    • Date sensitive pricing
    • A minimum discount percent regardless of the quantity purchased
    • Quantity break pricing can be turned off for selected customers
  • Multiple price book formats available
  • Price books can be sorted alphabetically, even if products are not in sorted order
  • Quickly change prices for categories and subcategories of products
  • Pricing can limit the discount percent to maximum level regardless of the quantity purchased
  • Pricing updates from vendors can be integrated into the pricing and costing functions
  • Automatically track and report all price overrides and highlights low margin sales:
    • Restrict selling an item below a specified margin% set by product category
    • Manual price overrides at order entry (with authorization)


Automated Vendor Price List Updates
  • Simplify product file maintenance by updating product, costs, and suggested prices automatically via data file supplied by vendor
  • Choose which information to update and which to keep
  • Update information using manufacturer/vendor product numbers which will automatically be converted to your part number
  • Use saved template for each vendor to streamline update process


Customer Master
    • Extensive customer look-up and cross-reference capabilities including “sounds like” options
    • Retain multiple phone numbers, contact names, e-mail addresses, etc.
    • Use bill-to addresses for responsible party; add unlimited shipping addresses for each bill-to address
    • Extensive and extremely powerful contract pricing functionality:
      • by product
      • by category by bill-to
      • by category by ship-to
      • by category by both bill-to and ship-to
      • share contract prices between customers
      • set contract pricing by dollar amount
      • set contract pricing by cost plus list minus a percentage
      • set contract pricing by quantity break level
      • set contract pricing by matrix level
    • Handle manufacturer credits for sales to a specific customer with rebate costing by item
    • Enter and view unlimited comments in the customer record
    • Store sales history by both ship-to customer and by bill-to customer
    • Without leaving the customer master record:
      • view all quotes, orders, future orders, backorders, and orders printed not shipped with details
      • view status of special-order items
      • view customer ledger card showing all unpaid and paid invoices with payment history
      • view invoices
      • view sales history and prior purchases by part number
      • view serial numbers sold to this customer
      • link and view scanned documents related to customer
      • view customer Average-Days-to-Pay
      • view Days Open for each invoice
      • provide instant Quick Quote on individual products
      • enter or update an order or quote or enter an immediate invoice
      • view and update valid entries for fields such as ship methods and tax jurisdiction
    • See calculations for all customer discounts including price and how it was calculated
    • Establish contracts for specific items by unit-of-measure with expiration date with option to support rebated cost from manufacturer


Special Order Processing
      • Order a special order item and a message will notify designated (purchasing) person
      • Automatically create PO for special order item tied to specific customer order
      • Drop ship an item from vendor directly to your customer
      • Automatically match PO with special order item pick slips
      • Designate a stock item as a one-time special order item when ordering
      • Review end-of-day non-stock purchase report and open special order report
      • Check central screen to view all aspects of special order including detailed status display


Credit Hold
    • Automatically place accounts on Credit Hold when assigned credit limit is exceeded or if an invoice is open beyond a preselected number of days – which can be different from the invoice due date
    • Manually assign customers to Credit Status that prohibits orders under user-defined conditions
    • Process orders for customers on Credit Hold with authorization
    • See warning message at beginning and end of order entry for accounts on Credit Hold
    • Optionally:
      • prevent printing of pick lists for orders over-credit limit
      • warn when printing picks where some orders are for customers on Credit Hold
    • Review daily report of customers who have exceeded credit limits
    • Seasonally adjust credit limits for groups of customers
    • Print report of accounts on Credit Hold
    • Print collections report with phone number and other information to easily contact customers
    • Track the number of times per month:
      • an account goes outside of terms
      • bounced checks are received from a customer
    • Special Credit Manager’s Screen centralizes management of overdue accounts


Order Dispatch
  • Dispatch orders to service people in the field
  • View on-screen and printed reports of dispatched and un-dispatched orders
  • Enter unlimited service order comments and detailed job instructions
  • Display summary or detailed customer information display


Point-of-Sale Cashiering
  • Sell over-the-counter with special integrated features
  • Create and print immediate invoices for walk-in customer sales
  • Use bar codes to input products into order
  • For greater security, restrict sales counter access to other areas of the system
  • Create customizable invoices, quotes, etc., from the sales counter
  • Customize what prints on invoices by customer, item, and transaction
  • Accept up to three payment types per sales transaction (cash, credit card, or check)
  • Use built-in cashiering functions to accept payments and take deposits
  • Take credit card payments securely with optional Credit Card Verification and Authorization modules that integrate with sales counter functions
  • Integrated cash drawer functionality
  • Segregate payments by terminal or logon to double check accuracy
  • Point of sale display of line item prices and totals on tabletop or pole display units in accordance with state, county, and city requirements


  • Process rentals just like entering a regular order
  • Include non-rental parts on rental invoices
  • Rent multiple items with different rental cycles on the same invoice
  • Allow partial / complete returns of rented items with automatic adjustment of subsequent billings
  • Automatically report and bill overdue rentals until the item is returned
  • Immediately review printed or on-screen overdue rentals report


  • Track repair history of items that the customer purchased from you or purchased elsewhere but brought in for repairs
  • Easily enter repair orders:
    • enter and track repairs like a regular sales item or sell and track a repair as a purchased repair “kit”
    • Use “repair-as-a-kit” template for a default list of repair components that can be modified at order entry
    • Charge zero for some items (which may be under warranty) and charge actual price for other items
  • Track and report components used for repairs in a number of ways:
    • track all or a selected number of the components used for the repair
    • optionally print repair components on work orders, pick tickets, invoices, quotes, etc.
    • restrict printing of components by hiding zero price items, hiding items in a specific department, or by some other customized method
    • keep part numbers, etc. blind from the customer
  • Automatically price the repair:
    • by the list of components used in the repair (including service charges)
    • by a set price assigned to the repair
  • Review extensive repair history and analysis:
    • see every repair-related invoice, quote, comment, etc. ever generated on-screen
    • track revenue generated and cost incurred to repair each item by fiscal period


Job Cost
  • Build a job from your quote or bid, or directly from an order—no quote required, or by adding an order to a job
  • Use a preexisting job to create a quote to be sure to bid correctly
  • Modify jobs easily to: add parts to a job, add labor hours to a job, link to job cost from order entry
  • Change orders become fully integrated with little effort
  • Add/change line items in order entry—simply assign the order to the job
  • Monitor costs and materials:
    • Add miscellaneous costs to the job directly from accounts payable entry
    • Automatic link between accounts payable and job cost master
    • Easily control materials required by your customer
    • Track cost overruns on screen and by report
    • Rely on estimated cost to complete a job – it takes into consideration bid cost, revised cost, cost history to date, and remaining balance to complete
    • Manage cash flow requirements with screen display of remaining cash vs. remaining cost
    • See quick summary of the job by phase and/or by task
  • Bill by phase and/or by invoice
  • Create an unlimited number of concurrent jobs per customer

Not Just Billing Software for Distributors

ADS Solutions software for wholesale distribution is complete business software that serves the needs of distributors, wholesalers and light manufacturers. See how easy it is to create new sales based on past orders by requesting a demo or contact ADS Solutions at 800-423-8268.