Sales Distribution Software and CRM

Sales and Customer Service Software

Driving sales is what makes your distribution business successful.

ADS Solutions® Accolent ERP sales distribution software delivers outstanding order entry capabilities and makes customer information and sales histories easily accessible to all your customer-facing staff. This allows your salespersons to make quotes, take incoming orders and proactively anticipate customers’ needs by predicting when customers should reorder based on their buying trends. This also gives your customer service people the tools they need to provide exceptional customer service to your customers.

Accolent ERP gives your salespersons and customer service personnel the ability to:

  • take advantage of very flexible pricing and discount structures
  • have full visibility at all times of in stock quantities and what you can deliver to your customer
  • easily find the status of any in-process transaction and look up your customer’s prior transactions and sales histories
  • automatically process special orders and drop ships
  • create quotes, point of sale invoices, orders, future orders, recurring orders, rental and repair orders, and accept returned goods
  • process orders against multiple warehouses
  • sell on account or take deposits or payments

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Accolent ERP also includes powerful CRM features that allow your salespersons to manage their sales leads, prospects, schedule follow-up and tasks, keep track of opportunities and close sales. You can choose to use Accolent ERP’s built-in CRM features or seamlessly link to third-party CRM products.

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Commissions Features

To manage and properly incentivize your salespersons, you need sophisticated commissions functionality. Accolent ERP allows you to design multi-level, commission plans to reward team members based on performance. Among other things, Accolent ERP allows you to:

  • calculate commissions by profit by line or a percentage of gross by line
  • define different commission rates for each salesperson on each class of product
  • track commissions paid on overdue customer accounts with ability to take back commissions on a line item basis
  • decrease commissions automatically if the product is discounted below user defined levels
  • take into account rebated manufacturing costs


Let us show you the full range of tools that Accolent ERP gives you to drive better sales performance.