Purchasing Management Software

Improve Your Purchasing Decisions

ADS Solutions® Accolent ERP software simplifies all aspects of purchasing to improve the efficiency of your business and optimize your ROI.  Our purchasing management software helps companies make strategic purchasing decisions to ensure they maintain adequate stock levels, fulfill special orders, buy goods at the best price, and make informed decisions.

Accolent ERP’s powerful purchasing tools include purchasing automation options which take the guesswork out of when to re-order and how much to re-order. These tools allow you to stock accurately to meet anticipated demand based on: seasonality, past performance, vendor or manufacturer incentives and more. You’ll be able to purchase, receive, cost, price and sell the same item in different units of measure with the same part number.

To help you get the best prices, we automate the process of sending RFQs to multiple vendors and allowing your purchasing staff to easily compare different vendors’ terms.  We offer standard modules that make your business immediately compliant with many of your vendors’ EDI requirements. Download an EDI fact sheet here.

Your purchasing department will be able to automatically consolidate POs to achieve shipping and pricing discounts, compare vendor prices including incentives and add-on costs and efficiently process special orders.

Contact us to find out how the time savings and service improvements provided by our purchasing management software can substantially change your bottom line.