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eCommerce Options for Distributors

Self-Service Online Portals and Online Stores

Accolent ERP eCommerce Options for Distributors

Accolent ERP offers multiple eCommerce options for distributors. Accolent ERP users can provide an online self-service portal to their existing customers that will provide access to all the specific pricing and terms already negotiated with these wholesale customers. Accolent ERP users can also establish online stores on one or more eCommerce websites such as Magento, Shopify or Woo Commerce or on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and link these directly to Accolent ERP.

  • Allow existing customers to access a self-service online portal to place orders, view their account details, etc.
  • Create online stores on established eCommerce platforms linked through RESTful APIs to the Accolent ERP database
  • Sell on multiple eCommerce platforms at the same time
  • Designate products that are available for eCommerce by Group, Category or Product in Accolent ERP
  • Self-service online eCommerce portal for existing customers
  • Directly connected to the Accolent ERP database
  • Automatically displays products in Accolent ERP designated for eCommerce including alternate and accessory products on the self-service online portal
  • Delivers full access to the customer’s account including the ability to see all customer’s transactions, place orders, access customer-specific pricing and review open invoice and payment details
  • Customer-specific pricing available for self-service portal orders include:
    • contract pricing
    • quantity breaks
    • matrix pricing
    • advertised pricing
    • web site special pricing
    • discount from list price
    • mark up from cost
    • multi-level pricing – combines pricing methods listed above
  • Self-service portal gives customer ability to create orders from recent purchases’ prior transactions, etc.
  • From the self-service portal, customer can see all open accounts receivable, payment receipts information and pay invoices
  • Accolent ERP is linked through managed Restful APIs to multiple eCommerce platforms, including: Magento, Shopify, Amazon, e-Bay among others
  • Designate products and images in Accolent ERP to be automatically added to online stores
  • Also allows periodic update of Accolent ERP products, prices, inventory, etc., to online stores
  • Orders created on online stores can be immediately updated to Accolent ERP for fulfillment
  • As orders are fulfilled, the online stores can be updated with latest status and shipping information
  • All established eCommerce platforms that Accolent ERP is linked to include full CMS capabilities to create themes and customize store look and feel and content
  • Distributors can build their websites as part of the online stores or link to the online stores through a “Shop Online” button on existing websites
  • SEO and marketing capabilities can be managed in Accolent ERP and pushed to online stores or maintained separately in the online stores
  • Allows users to maintain multiple online stores on the same eCommerce platform or on different platforms (e.g., sell off your own website using a Magento shopping cart and also list products for sale on Amazon) under the same or different brand names
  • Accolent ERP users have full flexibility to execute their online eCommerce strategies in any way desired
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