eCommerce Inventory Management Software

Accolent ERP delivers powerful eCommerce Inventory Management Software

Accolent ERP delivers eCommerce Inventory Management Software

Accolent ERP can supplement eCommerce platforms to power your online selling. Accolent ERP has API & Data Feed links to multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces such as Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, Amazon, Google Shopping and more. These eCommerce platforms and marketplaces all provide the ability to create visually appealing online stores. What these platforms often lack though, are the powerful eCommerce inventory management software tools that Accolent ERP provides. Without robust eCommerce inventory management software, operating online stores efficiently will be challenging.

Combining Accolent ERP with eCommerce platforms for online selling is a win-win all around. See this blog: How to build Your eCommerce Business

Accolent ERP’s eCommerce Inventory Management Software Features

eCommerce platforms have limited inventory control and tracking capabilities. Also, few, if any, eCommerce platforms can handle multiple units of measure for each product. In contrast, Accolent ERP can easily handle full inventory control and tracking across multiple warehouses, multiple locations within any warehouse as well as multiple units of measure for each product. With Accolent ERP Inventory control, you can view products by group, by category, by sub-category, by product, see what is available to sell, where the products are located in the warehouse, what is coming in on purchase orders, and when. With Accolent ERP inventory tracking, you can take ownership of goods before they arrive and track them from the supplier through the Supply Chain to your warehouses and/or drop-shipped to your customers.

Other Accolent ERP capabilities that support eCommerce

In addition to robust eCommerce inventory management software, Accolent ERP can also provide better order management, fulfillment, warehouse management, purchasing management, customer relationship management, reporting and BI tools than eCommerce platforms deliver. If you have multiple eCommerce channels, Accolent ERP can also serve as the central source of truth across all selling channels.


Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


Accolent ERP Technology

There are good reasons that cloud-based ERP software is rapidly replacing on-premise business software. Learn why experts predict that 5 years from now on premise systems will be obsolete.


Implementation and Training

Let us show you how our comprehensive implementation and training programs will manage your transition and get you up and running on Accolent ERP quickly and painlessly.


Benefits of Accolent ERP for an eCommerce Strategy

In addition to delivering eCommerce inventory management software, Accolent ERP offers several other functionalities that will improve your eCommerce results, including:

  • Inventory Control and Tracking: eCommerce platforms inventory control and tracking is typically very basic. This is a critical capability that Accolent ERP adds to any eCommerce platform.
  • Order Management and Processing: Most eCommerce platforms cannot provide order management. Particularly if you sell through multiple selling channels, you need the ability to manage orders from all channels. You also need to be able to process orders through various stages from receipt of the order to fulfilment by the warehouse, then delivery to the customer, managing backorders and invoicing the customer.
  • Warehouse Management: Most eCommerce platforms have very limited or no warehouse management capabilities. This includes support for the following key processes:
    • PO Receiving to verify and record receipt of goods from your supplier.
    • PO Put-Away to take received goods and put them on the shelves in their assigned locations to facilitate easy retrieval.
    • Picking to retrieve goods from the shelves to fulfill orders.
    • Packing to accurately and safely package goods for shipment to the customer.
    • Shipping to ensure that packed orders are delivered quickly and cost effectively from the warehouse to the customer.
  • Purchasing Management: Most eCommerce platforms don’t cover purchasing management at all. This involves deciding how much to purchase to restock goods, when to reorder, placing POs with suppliers and tracking POs through the Supply Chain until they arrive and can be received into inventory.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Online stores have limited CRM capabilities. You need to keep track of your customers’ and prospects’ details, profiles, interactions, and overall relationships. Tracking all this information allows you make more sales, improve your marketing and provide better customer service
  • Reports and Business Intelligence (BI): Reporting on eCommerce platforms is often limited to what was sold. With Accolent ERP you get a full reporting platform, hundreds of standard reports and full data analytics and BI. Using these tools to analyze your data can often uncover strategies to improve your business.

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