Partner Login

Partner Login

A Partner login  is available only for Accolent ERP Partners. If you are an Accolent ERP Partner please login to access your account details. Once you login, you will be redirected to your My Accounts page. For Referral Partners this will show details of your referred leads and current Status. For Reseller Partners this will show details of your leads that you have registered to ensure we do not sell directly to these leads.



Referral Program

The Accolent ERP Referral Program allows Partners to refer leads to ADS Solutions, participate with ADS Solutions in the evaluation, demo and sales process to convert the leads to customers. Referral Partners can earn referral fees on sucessfully converted leads. Referral Partners can also participate in the Implementation process for successfully converted leads.

Reseller Program

The Accolent ERP Reseseller Program allows Partners to re-sell Accolent ERP SaaS Subscriptions. Reseller Partners can markup Accolent ERP SaaS Subscription prices for sale to end-customers. Reseller Partners can register their leads to ensure that all direct inquiries from these leads will get redirected to the Reseller Partner.