Claritum Brings Spend Management and RFQ Automation to Accolent ERP

Now businesses Can Better Manage Their Spending with a Real-Time, Automated RFQ Process

ADS Solutions has partnered with Claritum, a leading provider of spend management software-as-a-service. Claritum streamlines the processes of sourcing, procurement and invoicing to deliver significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings and process efficiencies to businesses of all sizes including leading enterprise and public sector clients.

Claritum is trusted by global enterprises, regional businesses and fast growing procurement service providers to manage over US$3bn of sourcing events. When businesses pair Accolent ERP with Claritum, they can source the right RFQ from the right supplier. By accessing Claritum’s managed base of over 3,000 suppliers across 35 countries, you can implement a competitive and complete RFQ process.

Like Accolent ERP, Claritum’s sourcing tools enforce pre-negotiated contract rates from your preferred suppliers. The difference is that Claritum will help you find the most appropriate supplier or combination of suppliers, with shorter cycle times, which can lower the amount of inventory you need to keep on hand, and improve both working capital and profits.

With Claritum You Can:

  • source goods from a managed base of over 3,000 suppliers
  • implement controls on spending
  • set up an automated approval system to eliminate maverick spending
  • ensure negotiated rates are utilized
  • reduce delays and errors while processing invoices.

Give Power to Your People

Release your employees from burdensome admin through source-to-settle automation. Free up their time to focus on higher value tasks.