What Is ADS Software?

ADS Software is specialized business management software for distributors with fully integrated accounting, inventory, purchasing, warehouse, and e-Commerce features.

ADS Solutions is a leading provider of ERP software for distributors in the United States. ADS software has been the backbone of wholesale suppliers for over 25 years, and ADS Solutions is able to offer comprehensive ERP software for distributors at more competitive prices than other ERP vendors because of its singular focus on the wholesale distribution market. Since its inception in 1984, ADS software has retained this narrow focus, striving to create specialized distribution software to work the unique way small and mid-sized distributors work.

ADS Software is ERP Software

ERP software (also know enterprise resource planning, or business management software), has been driving the growth of businesses since the mid-1900’s. Though first developed as a way to manage purchasing needs and demand forecasting, ERP has grown to incorporate all information-based aspects of manufacturing and distribution businesses including accounting & financials, order entry, invoicing, customer service, e-commerce, and of course very importantly, inventory management and control. For these reasons, ERP software, like ADS software, has become essential to the success of distribution businesses of all sizes, largely because of the efficiencies created by unifying all business functions into one, single, distribution software system.

ADS Software is What Leading Inventory Management Software for Distributors Should Be

ADS Solutions, based in Novato, CA, is a leader in wholesale distribution software and inventory management software, and ADS software is used today by distributors in a wide variety of wholesale industries. Because of its affordability, broad set of powerful features, and workflows, ADS software is particularly well-suited to growing distributors. Because of its customization for specific industries, ADS software is perfect for distributors looking for irrigation supplies software, restaurant equipment software, restaurant supply software, janitorial software, chemical supply software, medical supply software, dental supply software, industrial supplies software, building materials software, fasteners software, auto parts supplies software, general wholesale distribution software, and more.

What Is ADS Software Known For?

ADS software is a fully-integrated software solution for your distribution business, integrating accounting software, e-commerce software, sales and invoicing software, purchasing management software, ERP software as a service, point of sale software, enterprise software solutions, distribution ERP software, distribution management software, business management software, business software solutions, inventory tracking software, small business inventory software, POS software, small business management software, e-commerce software, order management software, accounting software, stock control software, enterprise resource planning software, ERP software, and of course, inventory management software.

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