What Is ADS Software?

ADS software is Cloud ERP software that delivers accounting, inventory, purchasing, invoicing, warehouse management, and e-Commerce, for small- and mid-sized businesses.

ADS Solutions’ software has been serving SMBs for over 30 years with ERP software that has been optimized to meet the needs of distributors and manufacturers. Drawing on this deep domain expertise, ADS Solutions’ Accolent ERP software is a best-in-class, Cloud ERP solution for the SMB market. ADS Solutions also offers its legacy on-premise Advantage software.

ADS Software is ERP Software

ERP software (also known as enterprise resource planning or business management software) incorporates most critical business functions including accounting & financials, order entry, invoicing, sales and customer service, e-commerce, and inventory management and control. By choosing integrated ERP software, businesses can take full advantage of the benefits and efficiencies created by unifying all business functions into one, single, streamlined software system that draws from a single database.

Without ERP software, many businesses inefficiently cobble together multiple systems, resulting in redundant efforts to coordinate the flow of goods and information from sales to fulfillment to replenishment, through accounting, and back again. Much time is wasted and mistakes made from juggling multiple spreadsheets, manual systems, and disjointed software applications.

Benefits of ADS Software

ADS Software is fully integrated ERP software that delivers the full-suite of end-to end functionality to run your SMB business, all on one system, drawing from one database and delivered in the Cloud.

ADS Software aligns businesses’ inventory, warehouse management, purchasing, sales, CRM, customer service, invoicing, accounting, e-commerce, reporting and business intelligence into one, single, unified system. By integrating every single transaction with its accounting and inventory core, giving businesses the flexibility of anywhere, anytime access, the ability to link to other web-architected solutions, and adding the kind of business intelligence that puts decision-making data at managers’ fingertips, ADS software offers a fully-integrated end-to-end business solution.

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