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October 2011


Make Cyber Security a Priority
Cultivating a Good Neighbor
ISSA Shows off Advantage Paper & Jan/San
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You Can Say That Again
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Quick Peek

Performance vs. Plodding

Think you need a break? Then it's time to take a smart one according to James Clear.

Breaks can be an opportunity to refocus on the tasks that are important to you.

He offers 5 simple techniques that can help you accomplish more without feeling like you've just finished a marathon.


You Can Say That Again

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

-Muhammad Ali

American Boxing Champion


Enjoy Treats not Tricks - Institute Safe Online Practices

October is best known for scary costumes and devilish antics but this autumn, turn your sights to the creepy crawlies and menacing ploys online to avoid "tricks" with serious consequences.

As more companies turn to the internet to get new business, communicate with customers and vendors, and avoid mailing costs, criminals also are finding more and more ways to commit "cybercrimes."

The same kind of unethical behavior that's found offline is finding its way to the Web, but don’t let this prevent your company from taking advantage of the technological innovations that can help grow your business such as sending faxes by way of email, creating an extra income stream with e-commerce sales, or automatically sending statements through email. Instead, find ways to secure your internet presence, just as you find ways to secure your building and your offline business practices.

These three steps can protect your business from cyber threats according to

  • Assess your risks – what practices might put your business at risk
  • Monitor threats to the business – continually review these risks and adapt to new ones
  • Devise a security plan – think ahead for prevention, resolution, and restitution

Preventing Security Breaches
Most computer users are now aware that spam (or unsolicited) email and email from friendly sources can contain viruses and spyware but less are aware that websites can all contain similar malicious programs.

  • Anti-virus software is a must have for any computer, regardless of the capacity in which it operates, as a first line of defense against hackers, phishers and spyware.
  • It is also important to ensure that all sensitive information is password protected and those passwords are strong ones. Use a password evaluation tool like Microsoft's.
  • Keep firewalls on your router and local computer on at all times.
  • Keep your anti-virus, operating system, and browser software updated to protect against the latest threats.

Resolving Security Breaches
If you do have a computer security breach, how will you fix it and resume normal operations?

  • Make sure you have backups of your system that are available onsite (and offsite for disaster recovery).
  • Know who to count on and when they are available. Can you contact your in-house IT staff or on-call service company in a crisis? A printed list of phone numbers and business hours will come in handy.
  • Be prepared to notify customers if their information has been compromised. Sketch out a preliminary draft of this notice so it's readily available. Although this may be an uncomfortable topic, your customers will appreciate your honesty, your reassurance that you are doing all you can to remedy the situation, and the warning that they may need to enhance their security.

Restitution after a BreachSecurity
After the breach has been fixed, it's time to prepare to address the potential repercussions of affected employees and customers. Honesty and preparedness will do much to lessen the impact on your business as well as the trust your customers and employees have put in you, the company.

Don't Let Your Guard Down
Long after the scary costumes are put away, these are procedures and policies that should be in effect year round to protect your reputation, your business and your assets.

Is a Bad Neighbor bringing you Down?

The real estate maxim, "Location, location, location" applies to every business that relies on visits from retail customers or pick ups from wholesalers. Potential customers will think twice before stopping by the shop next to the weed-choked storefront blaring loud music.

What are some of the best ways to motivate an uncooperative neighbor? This Open Forum article describes some overtures that can avoid the expense and hassle of a lawsuit. Some of these techniques may help you prevent a conflict from degenerating and help you ensure the appearance of your neighborhood doesn't drive traffic away from your door.

Great Time in Vegas!
ADS Solutions at ISSA 2011

Sanitary and paper goods suppliers know October signals the season for the ISSA Show. This year's show in Las Vegas included demonstrations of the Advantage Jan/San package which has features specifically added for distributors in this industry. Most notably, options include simple ways to improve turnaround time on rebates from AFFLINK or NETLINK, Georgia-Pacific, Kimberly-Clark, United Facilities, Diversey, and other vendors.

About ADS Solutions

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Since 1984, ADS Solutions - Advantage Distribution Software - has focused solely on designing software that meets the needs of the distribution sector. Because of this dedication, ADS Solutions Advantage software offers a marked contrast to generic small business packages.

Every day we're including more features requested by customers to streamline their business processes. To see how your business can benefit, contact ADS Solutions for more information.

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