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The great business of life is to be, to do, to do without, and to depart.

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October 2010

Smart Planning Pays off after Data Wipeout or Equipment Failure


Computer technology is more and more essential to conducting business. Luckily, today's technology is usually reliable. However, hard drives can fry due to power surges or die from what seems like plain old orneriness. Smart planning can avoid the devastating consequences of a system crash.


Tape backup and other onsite fault-tolerant storage devices have been relied on for an end-of-day backup by thousands of organizations worldwide. RAID mirrored hard drives maintain an up-to-the minute copy of the main drive so the mirrored drive can take over in the event of a drive failure. These mainstay products provide a means to recover from disasters that affect an individual system or building.


System data mirroring is a newer technology, complementary to tape backup and RAID devices, that affords protection against disastrous events that can affect an entire site or region. Compressed copies of entire server are saved off-site (and optionally onsite) repeatedly throughout the day. Not only can you restore a system after a hardware failure, this type of timed back up lets you restore your files to a specific point in time.


Recently an ADS Solutions customer signed up with a vendor providing off-site protection against logical and physical system failures. This service takes a full copy of all of the server hard drives every 15 minutes. These 15-minute snapshots are saved for several days.


When an employee accidentally overwrote essential data, with our coaching, our customer's hardware technician was able to restore their system back to a cutoff time immediately preceding the system crash. The customer did not have to rely on the previous night's back up tape. Smart planning saved the day.
Target Delivery to Meet Customer Preferences

Q: What's the best method to deliver an invoice - mail, email, or fax?

A: Deliver each invoice using the method the intended recipient prefers. Some companies refuse to accept invoices that are not delivered by their preferred method. Some sites have poor mail service or a balky fax machine. The best computer systems allow you to meet your customers' and suppliers' needs without additional effort on your part. You shouldn't need a staffer to manually type phone numbers into the fax machine.

Your distribution software system should let you fax, email, and print in one step to one or more customer contacts, vendor representatives, or salespeople. This feature should extend to invoices, statements, quotes, POs, newsletters, and any other form you use on a regular basis.

In one step, you should be able to fax and/or email all your statements to designated contacts. At the same time, expect to print statements for customers who want to receive mail. In addition, in the same step, additional copies should print for your files or be electronically archived.

Supply Results

During the first half of the decade, distributors and wholesalers have consistently outpaced other businesses in implementing technology that maximizes productivity for such areas as order entry, accounts receivables, inventory management, delivery routing, and warehouse management

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