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March 2012


New Financing and Hosted System Opportunities
KPI for Human Rights
Free Support Center Training
FEDA Convention
You Can Say That Again
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FEDA Convention Demos

Are you going to the FEDA convention this year? So are we!

ADS Solutions has packed up our sandals, sunblock, and software and we're headed to Tucson to meet with restaurant equipment distributors.

We will have a table staffed from Thursday March 29th through Saturday March 31st. Come by to get a sneak peek at the latest software.

Want to book a time to discuss your company’s specific needs? Call ADS Solutions at 800-423-8268 and ask for Greg Tognoli at ext. 830 or Rebecca Baker at ext. 820 to set an appointment.



You Can Say That Again

"The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."

- Frank Lloyd Wright American Architect, 1867-1959



About ADS Solutions: Software for Distributors


New Financing and Hosted System Opportunities


Most professionals recommend upgrading critical computer Financing Opportunities at ADS Solutionshardware every 3-5 years to insure the greatest reliability. Software should be updated even more often. We now offer several ways to make this less burdensome for you.

We can help you make those goals a reality. ADS Solutions has partnered with a financing company to provide lease-to-own plans for our customers. Leasing is available for new hardware, additional Advantage users, or optional modules like E3/Commerce.

Another option to save money and headaches, is to go with our new hosted solution. We've partnered with a technology company to host Advantage for our customers. With this solution, there is no server hardware expense because the server is located at the solution provider's secure facility. The customer uses terminal services (over the Internet) to connect to a virtual desktop that includes Advantage and additional business office software (like Microsoft Word and Outlook). This strategy minimizes software maintenance issues since Outlook can be updated for all users at once. It also eliminates the need for server-class machines in house.

By leasing or hosting your company will preserve cash flow while strengthening your hardware and software infrastructure. Contact Greg Tognoli at 800-423-8268, ext. 830 to learn more about these opportunities.

KPI for Human Rights


The trend toward responsible product sourcing has economic consequences for suppliers in the U.S. Recent controversies about the treatment of workers in China highlight the importance of paying attention to the manufacturing conditions of the products in your warehouse.

Good Business PracticesSome preventative reconnaissance can help your company avoid fallout from protests or boycotts.

The Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project at Harvard Law School and the Fair Labor Association have completed the initial development of key performance indicators to help corporations (and investors) assess human rights and labor concerns in their supply chains.

These Principles of Fair Labor & Responsible Sourcing provide some common sense suggestions that businesses of any size can use to assess their risk. As these guidelines become widespread, verification programs will be available to certify that entities in the supply chain are complying with these practices. Eventually, your company or the manufacturers you work with will be able to demand proof of certification. The complete report is available from the project funder at

Free Support Center Training

ADS Solutions provides a customer portal for support requests, FAQs, and online video tutorials. The portal stores information and resolutions about support issues for each customer to use as an ongoing resource specific to their company.

We are scheduling complimentary training on the benefits and uses of Support Center. We have found that many customers are able to find answers in the FAQ section, alleviating the need to submit a request and, ultimately, saving them time and money by getting them on track as quickly as possible. The frequently asked questions (FAQs) area is continually enhanced with up-to-date software information.

Initial results show that training sessions help users feel more comfortable and get more out of the Center. As more customers use Support Center, we've found that we can address customer needs more quickly and efficiently.

About ADS Solutions

Bringing New Technology to Distribution

Since 1984, ADS Solutions - Advantage Distribution Software - has focused solely on designing software that meets the needs of the distribution sector. Because of this dedication, ADS Solutions Advantage software offers a marked contrast to generic small business packages.

Every day we're including more features requested by customers to streamline their business processes. To see how your business can benefit, contact ADS Solutions at 800-423-8268, ext. 835. We're here to help.

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