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March 2011


Open Up Your Data
Review Purchasing Strategies
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Trade Meetings

FEDA Annual Convention

Food Equipment
Distributors Association Convention, Saturday, April 2, in Phoenix. FEDA.com

Virtualrain Meeting

Irrigation buying group, May 3-5, in Dallas. Virtualrain.com


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You Can Say That Again

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

- Elbert Hubbard, American author and entrepreneur (1856-1915)


Open Up Your Data


What if you couldn't open a case of products to inspect each item? That's a little like having a software package without flexible reporting tools. The information you need is in there somewhere but unless you can use it for reporting, see it graphically, and analyze it for better decision making, what use is it?

With ADS Solutions Advantage anything that can be printed, can be exported to Excel or a report-writing program like Crystal Reports or Stonefield Query. For very quick queries, every field, every row, every column, and every grid on screen can be copied and pasted into other applications.

Hundreds of pre-designed reports let you customize them according to your needs by choosing from appropriate filters like category, status, warehouse, etc. Reports can be run through automated daily processes and automatically e-mailed to salespeople, executives and others. You staff will receive the ever-changing information they need on such critical things as items recently back ordered and customers exceeding their credit limit.

Review Purchasing Strategies


Is your purchasing strategy the best one to meet your current business needs? While some distributors must purchase items on a location by location basis, too often this type of sourcing results in duplicated staff efforts and the accumulation of stock where it is not needed.

A centralized scheme can solve these problems by reviewing the needs of the entire organization before purchasing. Buying from and shipping to one location allows a company to get the best prices from vendors. Before goods are trucked to branch locations or directly to customers, staff should review recently placed back orders to insure as many back orders can be filled as possible. Excess stock can be stored centrally so it will be readily available and less space is needed at branch locations.

Keep in mind that the greatest strength of centralized purchasing is the ability to systemize and control the buying process but that same control can be a bottleneck when fast response or local sourcing is critical.


Distribution Trends

Save Trees, Cut Costs, and Improve Performance

Using automated e-mail and fax options for invoicing, statements, and purchase orders can save hundreds of man-hours in non-productive tasks like envelope-stuffing as well as thousands of dollars annually in postage.

Setting up a contact e-mail address to regularly receive invoices and statements minimizes errors an insures timely receipt of requests for payment.

With a fully-integrated ERP system, the need for file copies is reduced because all transactions can be viewed on screen or reprinted thus eliminating delays in responding to customers.

Too Much PaperDon't overlook the value of capturing signatures electronically at the sales counter or delivery site. E-mail invoices complete with signatures to questioning customers to validate the receipt of goods or acknowledge a commitment to pay.

Fewer distributors are using multipart pre-printed forms as laser printers become more economical and e-mail becomes an accepted method of invoicing.

About ADS Solutions

Industry Partner for Distribution

Since 1984, ADS Solutions - Advantage Distribution Software - has focused solely on designing software that meets the needs of the distribution sector. Because of this dedication, ADS Solutions Advantage software offers a marked contrast to generic small business packages.

ADS Solutions' customers have profited and grown with fully-integrated distribution accounting system. Special orders, complex pricing, commissions, and tough purchasing decisions are simplified.

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