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Distributor Insights  
A Fresh New Look 
  • ADS Solutions Monthly Newsletter Gets a Facelift
    Long-time followers of Supply Savvy should find this new format easier to read on mobile devices. Each month we'll bring you advice and tips on Inventory Control, Business Efficiencies, Finance and Accounting, Technology, HR, and occasional Case Studies - everything you need to make your distribution business grow.
Inventory Control 
  • Safety Stock 101
    Like it or not, safety stock is a necessary expense of doing business - a requirement for good customer service. Jon Schreibfeder, from Effective Inventory Management bases safety stock inventories on a simple formula relating to variations in demand and lead time.

    • Inventory Stratification Techniques
      Inventory stratification techniques for distributors are well-known but not updated frequently enough. The model you adapt impacts areas even outside of customer service, including AR and of course shareholder value. For a quick review of common practices, visit Texas A&M University's Barry Lawrence, PhD.'s blog for distributors.
  • Section 179 Puts New Software for Distributors Within Reach for a Limited Time     … IMPORTANT!
    As part of the Stimulus Act, the government is offering generous tax incentives to businesses that purchase and install qualified software in the upcoming months. Download our free Guide to Section 179 Benefits and learn more.
  • Track, Manage, and Quickly Collect Manufacturer Rebates
    For many distributors operating on very tight margins, a manufacturer’s rebate can represent the difference between making or losing a sale and directly determine whether or not that sale is profitable. Learn how to better manage manufacturer rebates here…
  • Debate Over Cloud ERP Continued
    Getting ready to upgrade your current inventory management system, and feeling a little confused about whether to go with on-premise, hosted, web, hybrid cloud, or full cloud technology? As a small business owner, do you fully understand the differences in these models? Cloud technology is attracting a lot of attention, largely because of savings on costs and maintenance, but you can read about the challenges in articles from Panorama Consulting Group and NetworkWorld. Many small to mid-sized businesses may are showing preference for a hybrid cloud solution from an ERP vendor that's been around for a while. For a simple explanation about these models (in plain English!), and a few words of advice about which is best for your company, contact our in-house experts Greg Tognoli or Norm Whiteside at 800-423-8268 ext. 835.
Distribution Marketing 
  • Formatting Your Email
    Although overall mobile readership is still small compared to desktop viewership, the trend is changing: the percentage of emails being viewed on mobile devices has increase more than 80% in the last year, so yes… it may be time to re-format your email campaigns so they read better on small devices. Carefully weigh how your outgoing mail looks on Apple devices: they currently account for 85% of all mail 'opens', with iPad readership up 50% YTD.
    Many businesses are turning to email marketing tools that allow users to preview their messages across platforms prior to sending - especially important given Outlook's (used by 70% of desktop readers) reliance on Microsoft Word formatting standards, which frequently causes layout challenges. For more stats, jump to this recent Return Path blog.
  • Motivating People in Their Twenties
    Those twenty-somethings are following your leadership much more closely than you think. Give them personal attention. Set very short-term goals. Ask frequent questions. For these and other suggestions, we turn to Michael Fertik, Harvard Business Review Blog.

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