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August 2011


Tech Watch: Fax by Email
Avoiding Analysis Paralysis
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You Can Say That Again
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Boosting Office Morale 

Think you need lots of extra cash to motivate your employees and keep morale high? Think again! Here are a few ideas to help reinforce the team spirit:

Give them some one-on-one time; have a quick meeting to go over projects instead of sending an impersonal email.

Don't forget the power of three simple words…"Please" and "Thank you".  Praise for a job well done will go far.

Have lunch catered, spend the first part simply socializing and eating. When desert is served, guide the conversation into a brainstorming session regarding current projects.

For more tips check out the blog 10 Ways to Motivate Your Employees on the Cheap


You Can Say That Again

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm; as you get older, remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others.

-Audrey Hepburn,

Academy Award Winning British Actress (1929-1993)


Fax by Email with AdvantageAdvantage fax to email distribution software system

ADS Solutions has developed a simple and efficient way to send faxes without the expense of a fax phone line, fax modem, and dedicated fax server computer. Advantage distribution software ERP package now has the ability to send faxes by email through e-Fax ( or through other similar fax-by-email service providers.

A new component residing on the main Advantage server sends email to a fax-by-email provider who then sends a fax to the indicated fax number. This process eliminates the need for a separate fax server computer.

There are many benefits of faxing (and emailing) with the new fax-by-email component: greater faxing reliability and less downtime.

  • Elimination of your fax server computer and associated IT and network overhead
  • No need for a dedicated fax line and fax modem
  • Automatic start up for faxing and emailing (the new component runs automatically as a service; depending on your version of Advantage, scanning will need to be manually initiated)
  • Email notification for failed faxes
  • Create your own personalized fax cover sheets

Faxing is becoming much less important now that more businesses are relying on email but there are still times when it is preferred. Since the technology is less prevalent, it is more cost effective to support faxing through a fax-by-email service provider such as e-Fax. ADS Solutions supports this more efficient and modern methodology.

We deliver this new component free of charge to customers on our software maintenance plan. Several vendors, like eFax, offer Internet-based faxing and each vendor provides several pricing plans. We have negotiated a special introductory offer for our customers with eFax and will work with other vendors to create similar offers

Please contact Greg Tognoli at (415)897-3700, ext. 835 or email with any questions.

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis


We were all taught the value of "looking before you leap." But, it's easy to get caught up in worrying about consequences rather than planning a viable strategy to manage change. Ron Ashkenas points out in his blog for the Harvard Business Review that data research is subject to the law of diminishing returns. What you put in does not always equal what you get out and in this case, time spent gathering data may not be justified by the output of the new plan or procedure.

Some ideas on implementing changes and making them successful are to try new procedures with competent employees under close supervision and to evaluate the effectiveness of these procedures with appropriate measurements. Before you begin, understand exactly what success would look like to you: a certain level of time savings, a simplified work flow resulting in measurable increases in productivity, or something else you deem critical. In other words, have clear goals and clear ways to measure your progress, so you will recognize when you are on track to achieve your goals. 

See you there!
What: The ISSA Trade ShowADS Solutions at ISSA 2011

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: October 18-21, 2011

ADS Solutions will be at booth 3596 at the ISSA Show in Las Vegas.  Come by and let Greg Tognoli or Clancy Smith show you how our Jan/San specific ERP package can help your company's efficiency and increase your bottom line. They will be doing live demos and answering questions throughout the day or, if you would like to have a personalized demo, feel free to schedule a time by calling (800) 423-8268 ext. 835 or emailing

About ADS Solutions

Bringing New Technology to Distribution

Since 1984, ADS Solutions - Advantage Distribution Software - has focused solely on designing software that meets the needs of the distribution sector. Because of this dedication, ADS Solutions Advantage software offers a marked contrast to generic small business packages.

ADS Solutions is pleased to announce the latest release of Advantage software which includes many beneficial enhancements like improvements to reliability and performance.

Numerous pricing methods work together to provide flexible, customer-specific pricing without the hassle of adjusting prices customer by customer. No matter what, your profit margin is protected.

Contact ADS Solutions with suggestions or questions.

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