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April 2011


Deliver Goods without Guzzling Gas
Virtualrain Buying Group Partners with ADS Solutions
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Virtualrain Meeting

Irrigation buying group, May 3-5, in Dallas.


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You Can Say That Again

Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.

- William Arthur Ward, inspirational American author


Deliver Goods without Guzzling Gas


Near $5 a gallon gas prices have pushed business owners to evaluate transportation and delivery costs to eliminate wasteful habits. Tools like sophisticated tracking technologies and specialized logistics software are key to saving money for distributors.

According to an article by Fox Business, many companies provide GPS tracking that evaluates routes, driving speed, and stops to increase productivity and efficiency.Deliver with Less Gas

UPS, the international package delivery service, is no stranger to the need to reduce transportation costs. UPS Roadnet technologies are designed to reduce miles driven and driver overtime, as well as improve driver performance and accountability. UPS even offers an ROI calculator to estimate savings.

For greater value, a wholesalers' in-house distribution software should work hand-in-hand with their logistics provider's technology just like ADS Solutions' Advantage software does with UPS Roadnet. Combining these tools results in added savings. For example, with Advantage and Roadnet, pick tickets can be sorted by delivery route so goods are loaded in the reverse order that they will be delivered making deliveries quicker and easier. When logistics influences business practices distributors benefit with fewer mistakes and increased fuel savings.

Virtualrain's New Technology Partner


Virtualrain is a leading buying group of independent wholesale distributors in the irrigation, landscape lighting, and chemical industries. Recently Virtualrain announced that ADS Solutions is a new technology partner.Virtualrain irrigation buying group partners with ADS Solutions

ADS Solutions has developed Advantage for Irrigation, a package designed especially for the irrigation distributors. Advantage for Irrigation includes an interface to Virtualrain's EDI portal to numerous vendors, hundreds of product images for the industry, and easy vendor price list update options. All features work together to provide significant time and money savings for Advantage for Irrigationwholesalers. The partnership with Virtualrain reinforces ADS Solutions' dedication to the industry.

Distribution Trends

Data Driven Decision Making Drives Productivity

The New York Times reports that the latest research compares "data-driven decision making" based on information and analysis to "experience and intuition" based judgements. Companies that focused on data had 5-6% higher output and productivity than could be explained in other ways.Too Much Data?

The conclusion of the study authors and other experts is that the explosion of data bombarding companies today creates huge challenges as well as great opportunities to gain tactical and performance advantages. Business intelligence and analytics tools may be the most important weapons in a company's arsenal.


About ADS Solutions

Bringing New Technology to Distribution

Since 1984, ADS Solutions - Advantage Distribution Software - has focused solely on designing software that meets the needs of the distribution sector. Because of this dedication, ADS Solutions Advantage software offers a marked contrast to generic small business packages.

ADS Solutions is pleased to announce the latest release of Advantage software which includes many beneficial enhancements like greater reliability and performance.

Now Advantage makes it easy to see each of the transactions that make up GL totals by simply drilling-down to see the contributions from each department and warehouse.

The new sales dollar and profit projection tool is a great motivator for sales people since actual sales and profit can be compared to projections.

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