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  • Don't Get Caught on the Downside of Technological Obsolescence
    With Microsoft’s announcement that they will no longer support XP this spring, it reminds us that not only hardware, but software has a limited shelf life. Examine the facts about server life, options for Cloud hosting, and ERP software obsolescence here.
  • How Distributors Can Stay Successful Alongside AmazonSupply
    There certainly is a lot of concern from wholesale distributors about AmazonSupply. For analysts, it’s not a matter of how, but of how much it will affect small and mid-sized distributors. The good news is that there are ways to leverage Amazon’s strengths to work to your advantage. Get the background and creative tips to get you thinking about how you can stay successful alongside AmazonSupply by downloading this thought guide today.
  • Economic Cycles Lead to Market Share Growth
    Business growth for distributors tends to fall in step with four common economic phases, and one of these presents surprising opportunities. Why not stabilize your inventory, receivables and customer service triangle so you can take market share from your competitors during this recovery phase?

  • What to Do With Overstocks
    Are you stuck holding 2013 inventory you wish you never purchased? Make the best of it with these ideas on how to move it now, and at the same time learn how to avoid overstocks in 2014.
  • Measure What Matters
    How often does your distribution business re-evaluate and fine-tune its warehouse practices? Each year, with a changing e-commerce landscape and new advancements in technology, it’s important to make adjustments in procedures and work flow. For your warehouse, “measure what matters” is the advice from this Inbound Logistics blog. “What matters” changes from time to time! Rmain focused on your goals, but keep employees on their toes with a subtly moving set of metrics.
  • Google Image Caching Affects Gmail Open Rates and Challenges eMail Marketers
    At the close of 2013, Google quietly announced that it planned to begin caching images on its own servers, thereby allowing Gmail users to start displaying images in their emails, rather than routinely pulling up all those annoying black x-boxes. Already active in desktop mail clients, we’ll see this rolled-out for mobile users this spring. This is big news for marketers for two reasons: first, it’s unclear how these cached images will affect your ESP’s software ability to track your open rates, and second, we might see marketers shift some of their budgets from email to AdSense, where tracking remains dependably tight. Read more here.
  • The Right Choice for Distributors
    ADS Solutions has served as the business process backbone for successful suppliers for more than 25 years, providing a feature-rich distribution software system with comprehensive functionality at a surprisingly affordable price. To see how your business can benefit from specialized software for distributors, contact ADS Solutions at 800-423-8268, x 835. We're the right choice for successful distributors.

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