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  • 3 Tips on Taking Future Sales Forecasts Into Account with EOQ
    EOQ tipsWhen it comes to relying on your distribution software to help you know when and how much to order, EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) is a powerful tool that should work in tandem with your sales forecasting. Like all tools, the better the data input into the EOQ program, the more useful the computed results will be, so it's important to keep human error (which can sabotage results) to a minimum. Read these three tips that can help improve your distribution software’s demand forecasting potential and its use with EOQ, or visit our Learning Center for a more complete explanation of how to put EOQ to work for you.
  • How to Compete Against Amazon SupplyAmazon Supply
    Strategies ready? Aim … Fire! No matter the size or nature of your distribution business, you will very soon find yourself in competition with giants like Amazon Supply, an extension of that sells parts and supplies to business, industry, and government. Amazon Supply poses a threat to many wholesale distributors because of their experience, efficiency, and positive brand association with successful cousin While small business distribution software can help keep you organized, efficient, and give you visibility into product and purchasing decisions, there are other strategic tips that can help you compete with the Amazon Supply companies of the world, and updating your e-commerce software is among them. ADS Solutions' e-commerce system offers Internet-based wholesale, reatail, and catalog solutions for distributors.
  • On-Demand Packaging
    What a great idea! Have you seen's idea of protecting the environment, helping you pack cheaper and smarter?
  • WMS spending upTechnology Spending in WMS Continues to Rise
    DC Velocity reports that global spending on warehouse management systems was up more than ten percent last year. Data is not out yet for 2012, but this is further indication that your competitors are continuing to spend on WMS, even in challenging economic times. A good WMS, though, is no guarantee of success without exceptional inventory management software. Consider updating yours today, so your company will be poised for what we all hope will be post-election growth.
  • Choosing Among ERP Vendors
    ERP vendors According to Eric Kimberling of Panorama Consulting, choosing ERP software with the right degree of complexity and letting your business needs drive the process is paramount to your success, but only half the battle. The other half is getting your staff on-board with the concept of change management. He writes, “… the complexity of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and other leading ERP systems contribute to the watered-down lean results experienced by most organizations.” If your company has spent years refining its own lean best-practices, don’t let an ERP implementation tear those down. Instead, choose distribution software with just the right degree of complexity that speaks to your own company's needs, but still gives you room to grow. Don’t overshoot and choose ERP software far more complex than your needs dictate. ADS Solutions Advantage distribution software works the way distributors do and offers both traditional, installed ERP software and Cloud solutions.
  • liquidate slow moving inventory4 Ways to Use Creative Marketing to Liquidate Slow Moving Inventory
    Every distributor has been bogged down with slow-moving inventory at one point or another. Here are 4 steps you can take to use creative marketing to help you clean out and move on.

  • Good News: Tax Changes Coming in 2013!
    EOQ tipsRunning a successful distribution business in today's market is a little like competing in the lumberjack sport of logrolling. You’re constantly aiming at moving targets in an environment that is inherently unstable and uncertain. Armed with the proper distribution software tools that can help you with purchasing and pricing decisions, a well-managed staff, and foresight, you can be successful. But it’s not just about Source, Stock, Store, Sell, and Ship. There’s another important "S": Save. If you start planning now to leverage these imminent tax changes for 2013, you can save money and in some cases, reduce audit risk.
  • Determining Your Business’ Needs: Bookkeeper or Accountant?
    Solving bookkeeping and accounting needs can be a challenge for small distributors. Angie Mohr discusses the main differences between bookkeepers and accountants, their respective pay scales and qualifications, and other concepts that help businesses figure out which set of skills they need.
  • The Right Choice for Distributors
    ADS Solutions has served as the business process backbone for successful suppliers for more than 25 years, providing a feature-rich distribution software system with comprehensive functionality at a surprising price. To see how your business can benefit from specialized software for distributors, contact ADS Solutions at 800-423-8268, x 835. We're the right choice.

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