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Distributor Insights  -  August 2012
  • 3 Easy Steps To Successful Inventory Reduction
    reduce inventory “Our business consultant recommends reducing our inventory by fifteen percent. But they haven’t given us the tools to determine how low we can go on our best selling items yet still fill our orders on time, nor have they supplied us with a framework for determining the total carrying costs associated with our slower moving items, so we have a clearer picture of which items are best to liquidate.”

    This frustration is commonplace among growing distributors. Managers are often instructed to minimize inventories by some random percentage, but they don’t know exactly the best way to go about it. Here are three easy steps that will get you on your way to leaner inventories.

  • Distributors Can Benefit from These Tax Changes Coming 2013!
    VCSP Take advantage of these great, money-saving tax programs slated for 2013, including a $9,600 tax credit for hiring a vet, protection from audits and a massive reduction of penalties for reclassifying independent contractors who are really employees, and renewal of the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. Read more about these programs and the effect of the new Medicare Tax in our wholesale distribution blog.
  • Section 179 Tax Incentive Puts Powerful Distribution Software Within Reach in 2012
    The IRS has a tax program in place that allows small businesses to write-off the full purchase price of qualified business equipment and software in one year, allowing them to acquire enterprise software that they might not otherwise have been able to afford. The savings are dramatic, but the program ends very soon. To learn more, download our free Guide to Section 179 Benefits.
  • Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software Strong in 2012
    cloud computing According to a recent Gartner report, spending on Cloud services has a projected growth rage of 19% compared to 3% for overall IT spending. Additionally, spending on Enterprise software will also grow at above average rates. What can distributors conclude from this? More and more businesses are warming up to the idea of Cloud-based software, and although is not for everyone, it is clearly worth evaluating for your business. Second, your competitors may be planning on investing in enterprise software (like ADS Solutions Distribution Software) at a faster rate than other technology. The reason? They see the clear benefit to their companies.

    If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of Cloud hosting or enterprise software, please feel free to call our in-house experts Greg Tognoli or Norm Whiteside at 800-423-8268 ext. 835.
  • Just Where is My Cloud Data Stored?
    When businesses use Cloud providers to store their data offsite, they are basically sending the data off into a service provider's data center. But just where is that data center and how safe is it? Get answers from this NetworkWorld article.
  • Creating that “Relevant” Email
    reduce inventory One of the four pieces to the ‘relevant’ email puzzle discussed in this recent MediaPost article is “open,” referring to the inclusion of content from other channels, links to external websites, and the voices of customers, staff, and outside experts. Can you guess the other three? Read Making Your Email Count for the answers.

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