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Distributor Insights  
  • Improve Your "Turns Ratio" to Free-Up Cash
    manage-manufacturer-rebates Just by improving your inventory by one turn, you, as a wholesale distributor, can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. The less money you have tied up in inventory, the more money you will have to accomplish other things in your business. Learn to optimize your inventory like successful distributors do.
  • Chargebacks and Rebates
    How well are you managing your chargebacks and rebates? We invite you to send your questions to ADS Solutions for an explantation of industry best practices based on years of experience from working with many distributors. Are you taking advantage of every available supplier discount? Properly calculating your rebate costing by item? Efficiently collecting rebates and chargebacks from your suppliers? Is your ERP software configured to automate this process? Learn more from this article about managing manufacturer rebates.
  • 4 Ways to Guarantee You'll Get Audited
    avoiding an irs audit Small businesses are magnets for IRS audits and wholesale distributors are no exception. As developing companies struggle through challenging financial times, they may be tempted to bend the tax rules, but you know where this is headed: it’s just not worth it. Beware of these four common red flags that trigger small business audits.
  • Need Cash? Business Loans Are Getting Easier
    A survey by the Federal Reserve Board shows that "banks generally reported having eased their lending standards and having experienced stronger demand for business loans over the past three months." Here's the interesting thing: it is believed that banks are easing standards not to improve the economy, but rather as a reaction to competition from other lenders. If you need a loan to help your distribution business grow, you might start with the smaller banks given the recent changes in grading standards. Read more in this American Express Open Forum story.
  • Section 179 Puts New Software for Distributors Within Reach   … IMPORTANT!
    As part of the Stimulus Act, the government is offering generous tax incentives to businesses that purchase and install qualified software in the upcoming months. Download our free Guide to Section 179 Benefits and learn more. But hurry - Section 179 expires in a very few months.
  • Is Cloud Computing Right for Me?
    cloud computing While more and more companies are moving to Cloud-based solutions for everything from Email to ERP, there are still many for whom the Cloud is not right. This article defines Cloud computing and provides a framework for you to judge whether Cloud hosting is right for your company.

    If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of Cloud hosting, please feel free to call our in-house experts Greg Tognoli or Norm Whiteside at 800-423-8268 ext. 835.
  • Who's Opening Your Email?
    Less than a year ago, more people still read email from their desktops than their mobile devices – by a landslide. Small fonts were ‘in’. Then, in February 2012, for the first time ever, viewership between desktop, webmail, and mobile evened out. Since then, more people are reading their email from mobile devices than any other platform. For tips on formatting effective outbound email marketing, and the data behind the research, view Litmus’ email client stats infographic.

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