Software for Services Companies

Accolent ERP provides end-to-end Services Resource Planning (SRP) software that helps service companies manage their complete quote-to-billing process. With Accolent, service companies can confidently quote, adjust and track all aspects of their work in the field. Accolent ensures that all billing, project expense tracking, inventory costing and replenishment and reporting will all be updated on a real-time basis and tied directly to their core accounting system.

Accolent ERP for Service Companies Is Ideal for All Types of Service Businesses:

  • Service companies that carry inventory which may be delivered from multiple warehouses and/or on directly from the service provider’s truck (examples: landscapers and landscape architects, plumbers, electricians, general contractors, IT solutions, etc.)
  • Services companies without inventory (examples: carpet cleaning businesses, painters, IT consultants, pest control, etc.)

Why Even the Best Quoting Software Falls Short for Service Companies

Service companies not only quote, sell and deliver services to their customers, they need to track human and financial resources. Historically, small services businesses have had one system for quoting and tracking time and supplies (many are still doing this on paper!) and another for sending out their bills and determining the profitability of each job. These 2 distinct, unconnected “front office” and “back office” processes create wasted time, effort, and increased opportunities for error. In short, disconnected systems inflate expenses and deplete customer satisfaction. The best solution for small service businesses is one that combines quoting software and job tracking with accounting software.

How Accolent ERP for Service Companies Can Help Your Business

ERP software for service companies ties together your sales, service delivery, and accounting needs into one simple Cloud-based solution that can be used in the field. It has the friendliness of tablet-compatible quoting software and the power of a fully integrated ERP accounting solution. Here’s how the quote-to-billing cycle, consisting of  Quoting > Sales > Service > Purchasing > Billing > Accounting > Reporting, works for a typical customer-site services provider:


  • Use a tablet or laptop to create a job quote at the customer’s home or business
  • Add freehand descriptions of the proposed services and optionally add inventory items
  • Estimate time and materials
  • Depending on your business processes, the quote may be reviewed with main office first or directly shared with customer
  • Print the quote at customer’s site using Google Cloud Print or email it to your customer
  • Collect your customer’s approval signature on your tablet

Up-Selling and Change Orders

  • Anytime during the sales process, suggest add-on services or products, adjusting the quote as-needed
  • For any items supplied from your inventory, the system automatically checks availability and reports when it is time to re-order

Service Delivery

  • At time of service delivery, track progress and keep extensive internal notes that are always available to service team members and head office directly from the job quote record
    • Update the Internal Notes with details of an unexpected problem that can be commented on by the main office
    • Update the record to reflect unexpected delays that can be seen by the service dispatch
  • Create change orders directly from a tablet or laptop, to reflect any revisions to the job scope
    • Change orders can be billed separately or added to the original quote
  • Enter additional time or correct actual quantities of inventory products that may be different than quoted

Re-Stocking (Can Be Automated)

  • Create and receive POs to replenish inventory items
  • Optionally manage inventory items carried on each truck, and replenish using warehouse transfers


  • Create a customer invoice automatically upon completion of the job directly from the customer site
    • Any added parts or labor are automatically accounted for
    • Prices for inventory items are based on the pricing defaults set in your system, and apply additional discounts as necessary
  • Print and deliver invoice directly at the customer site or send via email or regular mail


  • All of Accolent’s AR and AP records drive to a fully GAAP-compliant General Ledger and financial statements
  • Once a services invoice is created, use the Accounts Receivable Aging and Collections capability to manage customer accounts
    • Payment terms can vary by customer with the ability to add incentives for early payment
    • Accept payment from customers by cash, checks, and credit cards
  • Track expenses used to deliver services by job using the Accounts Payable
  • Track purchases of materials from Vendors  by job
  • Manage inventory items and replenish inventory using Purchase Order functionality
    • Pay vendors by check, ACH or e-Payables


  • Flexible and powerful reports track costs and profits with each job and customer
img software features for services companies

Serve Customers in the Field with Mobile Quoting, Job Tracking & Invoicing Software for Service Businesses

Now small and mid-sized services businesses no longer have to struggle with paper quotes, spreadsheets, or the wasted effort of transferring sales orders taken in the field back into their main accounting system. Accolent ERP for Services Companies streamlines operations and increases visibility across departments. Experience the benefits of anywhere, anytime web and mobile access with the best software for a small service business.