Inventory Management Software

Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software Gives Distributors Anywhere-Anytime Access

Managing wholesale inventory is mission-critical for your business. With Accolent ERP software, you can track inventory in multiple warehouses and know instantly what inventory is in which warehouse, what is currently being picked, what is on order, what is on Back Order, what is on PO and expected, and what is in transfers between warehouses. Accolent ERP wholesale inventory management software gives you comprehensive and detailed views of your inventory at all times.

  • track your inventory through every stage of your process from creating a PO to your vendor, to receiving it into inventory, put-away, picking, packing, shipping and delivery to your customers
  • see all the inventory transactions for a particular part at any time on inventory ledger cards
  • track finished inventory and raw materials by multiple units of measure
  • track items by Serial Numbers and Lots allowing full traceability and auditability
  • sell items you stock as individual items and as kits, and you can track inventory by kits or the kit component parts
  • use multiple cost files to create inventory valuations as of any date by replacement cost, accounting cost, average cost, or special cost

Our wireless Warehouse Management Software (WMS) lets your warehouse personnel manage all warehouse transactions using either ruggedized fork-lift mounted tablets and scanning guns or all-in-one hand-held devices. Use the WMS system to improve accuracy and efficiency and make it easier to count physical inventory using full or cycle counts.

The best inventory management software should help you get a better handle on your inventory – your biggest investment. Let us show you how our outstanding inventory management software can help you improve returns and your business’ ROI.

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