AutoQuotes Linkage for Restaurant Equipment Suppliers

Accolent ERP Delivers a Highly Functional AutoQuotes Linkage

AutoQuotes Linkage for Restaurant Equipment Suppliers

AutoQuotes is an aggregation site for manufacturers supplying the foodservice and equipment supply industries. Using the AutoQuotes linkage, Restaurant Equipment suppliers can create a new AQ Project, download it as a CSV file, then import it into Accolent ERP. The Accolent ERP import function will import the Vendors and Products if they already exist in Accolent ERP. If they do not already exist, the Accolent ERP import will automatically create these as new Vendors and Products. The import function will also automatically create the AQ Project as a Quote in Accolent ERP.

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One-Time AQ CSV Configuration

Accolent ERP allows users to do a one-time setup to configure the AQ Project CSV download. Users will add 4 additional columns to the AQ spreadsheet to add the Accolent ERP: (1) Product Code, (2) Product Description, (3) Product Class (i.e., S-Sales or SP-Special Order), and (4) Category Code. Entering these values ensures the products will be successfully matched and/or created in Accolent ERP. All of these fields may be left blank if desired and will be defaulted based on fields in the AQ Project. This data can be entered in the AQ Project while this is being created or directly into the CSV spreadsheet.

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AutoQuotes Linkage Imports or Automatially Creates Vendors and Products

Accolent ERP first matches to an existing Vendor using the Vendor Code entered on the AQ CSV. If a match to an existing Vendor is not found, the application creates new Vendors in Accolent ERP. Then, Accolent ERP matches to existing Products using the Product Code entered on the AQ CSV. If a match to an existing Product is not found, the application creates new Products as needed in Accolent ERP. Based on the 3 types of line items that can be on the AQ Quote Accolent ERP creates either (1) Products (e.g., GARLAND X36-6R Range), (2) Accessories for a selected product that have a Qty and a Unit Price (e.g., GARLAND X36-6R Range – Hot Top), or (3) Order line Comments (e.g., one-year limited warranty).

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AutoQuotes Linkage Creates an Accolent ERP Quote

Once the Vendors and Products are imported or created, Accolent ERP will import the AQ Project into Accolent ERP as a Quote. Restaurant Equipment suppliers can either download and send the formatted AQ Project directly to their customers or after the import, they can print/email the quote directly from Accolent ERP. If sent from Accolent ERP, the user will be able to access the email/fax defaults already set up for the customer in Accolent ERP. The quote can then be moved to an order and fulfilled and invoiced from Accolent ERP.

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