Software for Industrial Distributors and Fasteners Distribution Software

Industrial distributors supply the materials that allow manufacturers and retailers to function. Whether you price small items in fractions of a cent or sell equipment priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, ADS Solutions® industrial distribution software is built to handle each of these specific situations and everything in between. We invite you to demo our full-service business software for industrial and fastener supply distributors.

  • Four cost files allow you to track PO cost, burdened cost, and more
  • Sophisticated contract pricing interacts with special pricing, quantity breaks, matrix pricing, and others but is easy to update and maintain

Use the Bid Calculator utility to test scenarios and see the consequences of adjusting a price while you create an order or a quote.

  • See the difference in cost plus a percentage; or
  • Price minus a dollar discount amount; or
  • Percentage along with the current discounts that apply to the customer.


ADS Solutions® software for industrial distributors makes it so easy, you can figure out which pricing scheme works best for you while you are on the phone with your customer.

We Provide Industrial Distribution Software for:

Fasteners Suppliers General Industrial Distributors
Aircraft Avionics Distributors Hydraulic Equipment Distributors
Bearings Distributors Laboratory Equipment Wholesalers
Engineering Equipment Distributors Machinery Distributors
Farm Equipment Distributors Valves Distributors
Welding Equipment Wholesalers … and more

ADS Solutions® has been involved with helping members of STAFDA (Specialty Tool and Fastener Distributors) develop pricing and costing strategies that could save time and make money for these distributors.

ADS Solutions® ERP software for industrial distributors has never been more affordable due to flexible pricing options, and choices between traditional on-premise and cloud solutions.