Catch Weight Inventory Management

Comprehensive Functionality for Catch Weight

Catch Weight Inventory Management

Accolent ERP supports the type of catch weight inventory management used extensively by food distributors and in other distribution industries. Catch weight products have an inventory unit of measure (UOM) (e.g., case) but are priced by a weight measure (e.g., pound), referred to as the catch weight UOM. All transactions, such as POs, sales or transfers will be recorded in the inventory UOM. All transactions are priced in the catch weight UOM. There is a nominal conversion between the inventory and catch weight units of measure (e.g., one case typically weighs 20 pounds). Catch weight is critical in the food industry because many natural, unprocessed food products will vary in size, so two cases of steaks will have a different weight even if each case has the same number of steaks. Catch weight may also be applicable in other industries for example, for products such as wire sold by the reel but priced by the pound. Accolent ERP provides comprehensive catch weight functionality that tracks weight and inventory as well as Lot No., and Expiry Date.

Scan Compound Barcodes

Accolent ERP allows you to configure compound barcodes that record for each inventory UOM, the Product Code, the Weight, the Order Date, the Lot No., and the Expiry Date. Most perishable food items will have this information recorded by the manufacturer when the goods leave the manufacturer’s factory. For distributors that are not repackaging, scanning this compound barcode once upon receiving and then again upon picking, eliminates the need to separately weigh items and eliminates coding errors.

Managing Inventory by Expiry Date

Accolent ERP catch weight inventory management system allows products to be tracked as to Lot No., Location and Expiry Date. Tracing perishable items by Lot No., Location and Expiry Date ensures that goods are sold prior to the Expiry Date and facilitates picking by Expiry Date. By picking older items first, distributors can minimize wastage. The Lot No. and Location tracking provides the traceability and chain-of-custody needed for food safety tracking and compliance. When there is a food safety health problem, distributors will be able to identify and recall just the affected products. Without this Lot No. tracking capability, a wider range of products than just those affected might have to be recalled leading to significant wastage and cost.

Automatic Repricing Based on Catch Weight Inventory Management

Accolent ERP allows transactions to be entered in the inventory UOM and automatically reprices these based on the catch weight entered. Create purchase orders based on the nominal weight of the inventory UOM. When the PO is received and the weight recorded, the PO is repriced based on the catch weight. Accolent ERP allows the catch weight to be recorded by individual inventory UOM (e.g., case) or by an aggregated inventory UOM (e.g., pallet). Similarly take an order for a quantity of the inventory UOM and once the goods are picked and the catch weight recorded, the order, shipment and invoice will automatically be repriced based on catch weight.

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