Lot Billing for Electrical Distributors

Extensive Lot Billing Features

Lot Billing for Electrical and Other Industries

Accolent ERP supports Lot Billing for electrical distributors and other industries. Lot Billing allows a distributor to manage quoting, fulfillment, delivery, and billing for both the customer and vendor sides of a Lot Billed Order. All-in quotes from vendors may be marked up to create an all-in sales order for the customer including all the items for the construction project. The vendor quotes can then be converted to purchase orders (POs). These POs can then be linked to the sales order through special order links. Once linked, the POs can be partially received as items are delivered to the project site, and the delivered items can be invoiced to the customer. The open items continue to be tracked on the POs and the linked sales order.

Provide All-in Bid based on Vendor Quotes

Accolent ERP’s Lot Billing feature allows a distributor to give a customer an all-in bid for a large construction project based on quotes from multiple vendors. This structure is often used in lighting installation contracts where the customer is given a lump-sum bid based on quotes from several vendors for the component products such as wiring, fixtures, bulbs, switches, etc. The sales order for the customer specifies the component parts but not the prices of the individual component products. This sales order can be linked as a special order to multiple vendor POs created based on vendor quotes.

Schedule out the Items for Delivery

On the sales order, use the Required Date for each sales order line item to schedule out delivery to meet the project’s construction plan. The linked PO, if specified to be drop-shipped, will provide notification when the vendor drop-ships the products to the construction site according to the schedule. Upon notification, partially receive the drop-shipped PO to reflect the items shipped. Then the sales order line items delivered can have their pricing assigned and be billed to the customer.

Track Remaining Undelivered Items

Accolent ERP allows the remaining items on the customer’s sales order to be viewed and tracked. Similarly, the POs linked to the sales order show all the items remaining open on the PO as well as the items that have already been delivered.

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