Auto Parts Distribution Software Overview

Software Optimized for Automotive Supply Distributors

ADS Solutions® is a leading ERP software vendor that has been providing inventory, accounting, and business management software to small, mid-sized and large automotive parts distributors for over 30 years. We understand and address the needs of the automotive parts industry.

How Distribution Software Can Help Auto Parts Suppliers

ADS Solutions® software helps auto parts distributors take control over all their inventory, sales, and business management processes (including ReMan). Our ERP software connects every aspect of your business, simplifying purchasing, order entry, picking, packing, shipping, invoicing and accounting, and allows for efficiency and visibility across your entire organization.

Make better, data-driven inventory, purchasing, and pricing decisions

  • Source, track, and sell millions of auto parts and accessories accurately and efficiently with POS, bar coding, easy item look-up, core tracking, kitting and assemblies, credit card purchasing and e-commerce websites that accommodate products organized by make, year, model 
  • Improve your customers’ experience and service levels so customers return time and time again
    • quote items quickly using easy-to-use but advanced customer-centeric and self-defined shortcuts
  • Minimize out-of-stocks; improve order accuracy, fulfillment and on-time delivery rates
  • Set up consistent pricing structures to help you earn the highest possible margins
  • Keep multiple warehouses organized:
    • co-mingle inventory and unify resource pools across business formats with inventory that is both owned and consigned
    • facilities of varying sizes (large distribution centers, local specialized auto parts warehouses and even a stocking location within a store) can be managed by a single software solution
  • Make better decisions with real-time accounting and financials