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Customer Newsletter Volume 171

Global Partnerships with Basware, Claritum, and ShippingEasy | New Report Generator | Izenda’s Business Intelligence Tools | Benefits of Web Architecture

Distributor Insights Volume 20 e-Newsletter

Technological Obsolescence | Staying Successful Alongside AmazonSupply | Grabbing New Market Share in this Economic Doldrum | Overstocks Ideas | Measuring What Matters Most in Your Warehouse | Choosing an Online Backup Vendor | Google’s New Caching Procedures and Email Open Tracking

Distributor Insights Volume 19 e-Newsletter

Inventory Optimization | Inventory Stratification | Cloud Computing Growth | Warehouse Productivity | Warehouse management | Trends in Auto Parts Growth for Distributors | Growth Opportunities for Distributors

Distributor Insights Volume 18 e-Newsletter

Competing Against Amazon Supply | EOQ and Sales Forecasting | On-Demand Packaging | Choosing Among ERP Vendors | WMS Sales Strong | Using Creative Marketing to Liquidate Inventory | Recent Tax Changes | Bookkeepers Versus Accountants

Distributor Insights Volume 17 e-Newsletter

3 Steps to Inventory Reduction | Controlling Internal Theft | Tax Changes in 2013 Affecting Small Businesses | Cloud Computing & Enterprise Software Gaining Popularity | Where Cloud Data is Stored | Section 179 | Making Email Relevant

Distributor Insights Volume 16 e-Newsletter

Improving Inventory Turns | Managing Chargebacks and Rebates | 4 Ways to Assure an Audit | Small Business Loan Update | Define Cloud Computing: Is It Right for Your Company? | Formatting Email Marketing for Mobile Devices | Section 179 Tax Benefits for Distributors

Distributor Insights Volume 15 e-Newsletter

A traditional look at planning safety stock | Temporary tax incentives from recent stimulus acts that can help distributors purchase new software at substantial savings | Managing twenty-somethings | Is ERP cloud technology for you?

Distributor Insights Volume 14 e-Newsletter

How to balance inventory management and customer service | Simple guide to motivating employees so you get their best performance | Secrets of Fastenal’s success.

Distributor Insights 13 e-Newsletter

How to manage inventory sensibly using EOQ and other forecasting techniques | Is your business falling prey to these common HR mistakes? | Will changing trends in retail practices affect the future of wholesale?

Distributor Insights Volume 12 e-Newsletter

How human rights concerns affect the supply chain | Special financing and software hosting options for ERP software | Getting ready for the Tucson FEDA Convention.

Distributor Insights Volume 11 e-Newsletter

Ideas for reassessing business practices both large and small | How to cope with and take inspiration from family-run businesses | Can your business benefit from large tax credits for small businesses providing health insurance for employees?

Distributor Insights Volume 10 e-Newsletter

It’s time to reevaluate your online security procedures to limit your exposure to trickery and theft | Get some ideas for dealing with a neighbor whose poorly maintained property may be devaluing your business.

Distributor Insights Volume 9 e-Newsletter

Are you ready to take advantage of the latest technology and fax-by-email? | Stuck in a rut? Tips on how you can motivate employees and reduce “paralysis by analysis.”

Distributor Insights Volume 8 e-Newsletter

Why you might want to try “onboarding” in the office | Take a look at new ideas to reduce fraud and theft | Which accounting cost method is right for your company?

Distributor Insights Volume 7 e-Newsletter

Learn about EOQ and how it plays into the latest trends in creating profitability | How can international marketing strategies revolutionize your thinking? | Is social media right for your business? | Current news in Plumbing, Heating, and PVF Sector….

Distributor Insights Volume 6 e-Newsletter

How can improved logistics tracking save your company time and money? | The best partnerships include common goals. Learn more about Virtualrain and ADS Solutions | Is there such a thing as too much data? Not if it’s put to work in increasing productivity.

Distributor Insights Volume 5 e-Newsletter

Explore the best ways to take advantage of the data in your computer system | Is it time to examine your purchasing process and move toward centralized purchasing? | Some trends in distribution reduce paper and improve customer service.

Distributor Insights Volume 4 e-Newsletter

Do you know about the expanded role of IRS tax code Section 179 deductions and “Bonus Depreciation” for 2011? Your business could write off up to $500,000 of qualified expenditures.

Distributor Insights has an easy-to-use list of the best free web listings to give your company more online presence starting now.

Distributor Insights Volume 3 e-Newsletter

Make collections calls work for you with tips from a professional | How are wholesale distributors feeling about the state of the economy?

Distributor Insights Volume 2 e-Newsletter

How do you harness the power of the Internet to grow your business? | What’s the best strategy for implementing e-commerce? What should be avoided? | Is diversification always the best strategy in difficult economic times? |
Find out how technology can up your game.

Distributor Insights Volume 1 e-Newsletter

This issue of Distributor Insights includes ideas on keeping your business running without interruption due to data loss and suggestions for the best delivery methods for statements and invoices.