Warehouse Management System for Distributors

Warehouse Management System for Distributors

Accolent ERP warehouse management system for distributors delivers full support for all warehousing operations including; picking, packing, shipping, Purchase order receiving and put-away as well as physical inventory. All warehousing operations can be conducted using wireless handheld scanners, if desired.

  • Support for Multiple Warehouses

    • Supports multiple warehouses including:
      • all inventory reports available for specified warehouses
      • ability to check inventory status and availability for each warehouse while entering quote, order, purchase order, etc.
      • selling prices for items can vary by warehouse
      • safety stock levels can be specified by warehouse
      • inventory stocking levels can be set by warehouse
    • Allows co-mingling of inventory that is both owned and consigned
    • Flexibility to accommodate facilities of varying sizes (Large distribution centers, Local Specialized Warehouses and even a stocking location within a store) can be managed by a single software instance
    • Support for mobile warehouses such as a truck
    • Ability to move a list of products from one warehouse to another, or a list of products to defective status within a single warehouse
    • Can vary costs by warehouse to more accurately reflect value-added labor

  • Warehouse Fulfillment Operations

    • Supports all traditional warehouse Pick, Pack & Ship fulfillment operations
    • Orders are released individually to the warehouse with sub-status Ready to Pick and visually display the related icon on the List Shipments screen
    • Other sub-statuses to manage warehouse operations include: In Picking; Picked; Packed; Shipped
    • Multiple orders may be consolidated in batches, assigned user-defined or location-based batch sequences and assigned to pickers for picking
    • Orders may be batched and assigned to specific packers or individually packed and boxed
    • Direct integrations with FedEx, UPS and USPS allow for selecting of carrier, service, obtaining freight charges, tracking numbers and printing shipping labels

  • Warehouse PO Receiving

    • Extensive support for PO Receiving in one or multiple receipts
    • Allows for Auto Receipt of POs and then subsequent adjustment as needed
    • Adjust PO Receipts as needed to reflect actual quantities different from ordered
    • Automatically generate put-away documents for PO Receipts including identifying all product locations, if set up

  • Landed Costs

    • Record unlimited Landed Costs for each PO, including freight, port storage, insurance, tariffs, import duties, drayage, etc.
    • Allocate Landed Costs to the items on the PO, line by line by extended cost, weight or cubes
    • Allocated Landed Costs are capitalized into the average costs of the products on the PO

  • Inventory by Location

    • Associate a product with multiple locations within a warehouse
    • Track inventory of that product at each of the multiple locations specified for that product
    • Record where products are picked from and where put-away
    • Easily move products from one location to another to replenish widely used locations
    • Use locations to create picking patterns and assign different picking patterns and sequences to different orders/pickers

  • Warehouse Transfers

    • Complete functionality for warehouse transfers to move products from one warehouse to another
    • Receiving warehouses creates a Warehouse Transfer Request and when ready submits to the Sending warehouse; automatically creates a sales order on the Sending warehouse
    • Sending Warehouse processes the Warehouse Transfer just as a sales order with full support for picking, packing and shipping to receiving warehouse
    • Full tie-outs of all Warehouse Transfers by sending and receiving by warehouse
    • Supports centralized purchasing to receive aggregated purchases at one warehouse and then transfer to others

  • Wireless WMS System

    • Use wireless warehouse management software (WMS) system to receive POs, put-away, pick, pack, ship and deliver orders and count inventory
    • Supports either ruggedized fork-lift mounted tablets and bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner guns or all-in-one integrated hand-held wireless devices
    • Combine multiple orders in master pick tickets and assign to pickers
    • Specify picking sequences for pickers
    • Handles picking of products with multiple locations
    • Pack orders in multiple boxes and create packing lists, shipping labels
    • Use direct linkages with FedEx, UPS and USPS to select service and get freight and tracking numbers
    • Print barcodes on your POs and scan product codes from PO or from vendor barcode labels
    • Create relationship between vendor barcode number and your product code “on-the-fly” (while scanning codes)
    • Includes location information when appropriate (for put-aways and count-sheets)

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