Sales Management Software for Distributors

Accolent ERP Delivers Powerful Sales Management Software Features

Sales Management Software Helps Structure Your Sales Operations

Driving sales is a critical success factor for wholesale distribution businesses. Accolent ERP sales management software provides distributors’ salespersons with the tools and structure they need to organize their sales operations.  Accolent ERP sales management software addresses all the steps of a successful sales process including: (1) prospecting and assigning leads to salespersons, (2) tracking/recording salespersons activities and interactions with leads (3) delivering tools to solve leads’ needs (4) incentivizing and rewarding salespersons and (5) evaluating sales performance. Sales management also covers several other areas such as sales tracking and sales automation that are closely related.

Tracking Prospects and Prospect Interactions

Accolent ERP prospect records can track all the same types of information that you keep on your existing customers. Also use sales process stages assigned to prospects to easily track progress towards closing deals.

  • Assign salespersons to prospects based on sales territories or some other criteria
  • Salespersons can use the built-in CRM functionality to enter and record all interactions with prospects and to create calendar tasks to keep track of next steps or follow-up allows
  • Use the sales management software features to define the multiple stages in your sales process
  • Salespersons can easily assign any sales process stage to prospects to record progress
  • Sales management can use process stages to visualize progress and to decide on what steps need to be taken to move the prospect closer towards becoming a customer.

Creating Quotes for Prospects

Accolent ERP sales management software makes it easy for salespersons to create quotes for prospects.

  • Reorder from past quotes or from recently purchased products and are alerted if products have alternates or accessories
  • Salespersons have full visibility into stock availability across multiple warehouses and incoming POs
  • Allows salespersons to provide prospects with the best information on what can be delivered and when
  • Accolent ERP sales management software features give salespersons tools to close deals with very flexible pricing options and discount structures that are subject to specified margin requirements
  • Move prospects to customers with one click and move quotes to orders when a deal is closed
female distributor providing a quote on a service order

Comprehensive Salesperson Commissions Functionality

To manage and properly incentivize salespersons, Accolent ERP sales management software includes sophisticated commissions functionality.

  • Accolent ERP allows for the design of multi-level, commission plans that calculate commissions by order line
  • Commissions can be based on a percentage of profit or of gross revenue
  • Provide for different commission rates for each salesperson on each class of product
  • Commissions paid on overdue customer accounts may be taken back on a line item basis
  • Commissions may be decreased automatically if the product is discounted below user-defined levels
  • All commission calculations take into account vendors rebates and deviated costs
  • Formatted export to Excel can be used to create customized commission plans.
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Optimized for wholesale distribution across a number of vertical industries: auto parts, building materials, chemicals, fasteners, food & beverage, industrial, jan/san, restaurant supply and more


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Accolent ERP Sales Management Software Features

Accolent ERP sales management software helps salespersons track prospects and close deals:

  • Complete Prospect Tracking – Create unlimited prospects; categorize prospects by sales stage; track all prospect interactions and create calendar tasks for follow up
  • Create Quotes for Prospects – Easily create quotes for prospects
  • Reorder from Prior Transactions– Allow salespersons to quickly create quotes by importing products from other transactions or frequently purchased products
  • Full Visibility of Inventory – Give salespersons access to in-stock quantities for all warehouses so they can provide accurate up to date information to prospects
  • Give Salespersons Pricing Tools to Solve Prospect Needs – Very powerful pricing features allow salespersons to adjust price to close deals: Contracts, Advertised Pricing, Special Pricing, Matrix Pricing, Quantity Breaks, Discounts by Warehouse, all subject to specified margin requirements
  • Upsell Prompts– Give salespersons automatic prompts for Accessories and Alternates
  • Extensive Sales Analytics – Use the Accolent ERP reporting capabilities, data analytics and business intelligence to analyze your sales data and identify ways to increase your close rate

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