Sales Automation Software

Accolent ERP includes tools to help automate sales processes

Accolent ERP Sales Automation Software

Accolent ERP Sales Forecasting Software helps to automate some of the time consuming and repetitive steps involved in a sales process. Some of these automations include the tracking of prospects, creating calendar tasks and recording follow-up, linking transactions to calendar tasks, assigning calendar tasks to colleagues for action, moving a prospect from one sales process stage to another, sending emails to prospects, tracking all recent interactions calendar tasks, emails) with prospects, easily creating quotes for prospects, and, when deals are closed, easily moving prospects to customers. Other automations include creating outbound email campaigns and sending marketing emails.

How Sales Automation Software Helps Close Sales

Increasing your marketing budget and/or acquiring more leads can grow your sales pipeline but, if not properly managed, the higher volume of leads can lead to lower close rates as salespersons cut corners. That’s where sales automation can help. By automating as many steps as possible, the sales process can be systematized and many of the tasks can be handled by the software leaving your salespersons with more time to undertake the personalized interactions that lead to closing deals. In addition, taking the onus off salespersons to remember to record follow-up or keep track of communications means that you will be able to better analyze your sales process and learn what is working and what isn’t.

Implementing a Sales Automation Strategy

The goal for any sales process is to create a simple replicable process that frees up salesperson from repetitive tasks and allows them the time to build relationships with their prospects. Accolent ERP sales automation software allows many tasks to be simplified such as defaulting in many fields when entering records, managing calendars, managing email communications and tracking interactions. Once a standardized process is defined, many of these labor-saving steps can be put in place.


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Benefits of Sales Automation Software

There are many benefits to be gained from a sales automation strategy including:

  • Reducing Errors: Manual data entry and transcribing records often lead to errors and dropped balls. For example, mistakes like not following up when promised, can quickly kill a sale that the salesperson has been working on for some time. A calendar task that appears in the salesperson’s calendar can easily solve this.
  • Freeing up Time: Salespersons need to be able to build relationships with prospects. Freeing up the salespersons time otherwise spent on repetitive tasks let’s them spend more time with prospects.
  • Gather Better Data: Trying to analyze why deals worked or didn’t, shouldn’t have to require the salespersons to spend time to reconstruct all their interactions with their prospects. Using sales automation can automatically track all these interactions giving you better data to evaluate the process.
  • Improve Sales Close Rates: With better data and the salespersons able to spend more time with prospects, your sales close rates will go up.

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