Sales and Use Tax Management for Distributors

Accolent ERP provides sales and use tax tools and integrations

Sales and Use Tax Management

Accolent ERP's comprehensive sales and use tax functionality allows users to create and maintain unlimited state, county, city and local sales tax jurisdictions. Specify for each whether to tax by origin or by destination, whether to tax freight and/or labor and whether you have nexus. Designate products and customers as taxable or non-taxable and record customer tax-exemption certificates. On orders, sales tax jurisdictions and rates are selected automatically and customer and product taxability determine line-item taxability which may be overridden as needed. Accolent ERP also provides comprehensive sales tax reporting to create sales tax returns by state.

Full Support for State and Federal Excise Taxes

In addition to sales and use tax, Accolent ERP also fully supports state and federal excise taxes on beer, wine, distilled spirits, tobacco and fuel. State and federal excise taxes may be charged in addition to or in lieu of standard sales tax by state.

Accolent ERP Sales and Use Tax Integrations

As an alternative to using the Accolent ERP sales and use tax functionality, Accolent ERP offers a built-in certified integration with Avalara. Accolent ERP also integrates with third-party tax table vendors that can work in conjunction with the Accolent ERP sales and use tax functionality to offload the need to manually update sales tax jurisdictions.

Accolent ERP includes a certified integration with Avalara, the leading SaaS solution for tax compliance. To use Avalara, first use the link below to sign up for an Avalara account, then enter the Avalara credentials into Accolent ERP. Once the integration is enabled, Accolent ERP will send real-time transactional information to Avalara and pull back the sales and use tax amounts calculated by Avalara. You will no longer need to manage the Accolent ERP sale tax table.

  • Automatically assign and calculate sales tax on every transaction
  • Automatically stay up to date and in compliance with changing tax laws
  • Reduce tax risk of outdated sales tax rates
  • Easily scale to enter new markets, add sales channels without the tax headache


The most cumbersome part of managing your sales and use tax yourself is having to stay abreast of tax regulations and tax rate changes for those tax jurisdictions in which you have nexus. These changes then have to be manually updated to the Accolent ERP sales tax table. Through an integration with Zip2Tax you can purchase tax tables, either once or on an ongoing basis, and then import these into the Accolent ERP sales tax table.

  • Import Zip2Tax sales tax tables to make it easier to maintain sales tax jurisdictions
  • Resolve sales tax jurisdictions and rates based on Zip Codes
  • Import and upload sales tax tables once or periodically to stay up to date


Support For VAT Regimes

Accolent ERP also supports Value-Added-Tax models that are used in various parts of the world. Specifically, Accolent ERP has been configured for Canada VAT, European Union VAT, UK VAT and India GST. Accolent ERP can easily be configured to work with any other VAT sales tax system.


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Accolent ERP Delivers Everything You Need To Manage Your Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Using Accolent ERP and the built-in integrations, distributors can fully comply with all relevant sales and use tax requirements:

  • Manage Your Own Sales Tax - Create your own sales tax table with sales and use tax rates for unlimited tax jurisdictions in which you have nexus
  • Sales Tax Reporting - Use sales tax reports to create your sales tax filings
  • State and Federal Excise Taxes - Track state and federal excise taxes for alcohol, tobacco and fuel
  • Sales Tax Integrations - Use Avalara AvaTax for comprehensive sales tax tracking and filings or import sales tax jurisdictions from third-party sales tax table vendors and let Accolent record sales tax
  • Support for VAT - Support for Canada VAT, European Union VAT, UK VAT, India GST
  • Support for Other VAT - Easiy configure and set up taxes for other VAT regimes

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